Data Mining & Applications Graduate Certificate Programs

Dec 12, 2019

Learn about a graduate certificate in data mining and applications. The main focus of this article will be the typical courses in this type of program as well as the admission requirements applicants need to satisfy.

Graduate certificate programs that focus on data mining and applications can be a way for research scientists, data analysts, or marketing professionals to learn in-depth data management skills that can be applied to their field. The majority of the topics in the certificate program are statistical in nature and these will be discussed in the next section of the article.

Typical Courses in Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate Programs

It can take as little as a year to earn a graduate certificate in data mining and applications as these programs may have between 12 and 18 credit hours. In some cases, students may be able to complete courses online; read on for typical course topics in these certificate programs.

Data Mining

Courses in data mining usually cover the basics of data mining techniques and concepts as well as applications. Students may learn about decision trees, data visualization, and clustering. Courses like this could also include a research project where students analyze real business data.

Applied Statistics

These kinds of courses introduce students to the use of statistics in data mining. Statistical tools and software for data analysis are often discussed. Other topics that may be covered include correlation errors, forecasting, and regression.

Data Management

Courses in data management may be introductory in nature and teach students about common database features. In some of these courses, students may also learn about computer simulations. Other subjects could include technology evaluation and database deployment.


Courses that are focused on programming may have a foundation of statistics or be integrated into data science. These courses may teach students about the different kinds of programming languages that can be used in data mining. Students may also learn about programming logic, creation of reports, and data manipulation.

Statistical Learning

These courses may incorporate topics like machine learning as well as areas of statistics such as regression. Classification, correlation, and resampling methods are also common subjects. Students may also need to focus on real-world problems and have in-class discussions.

General Admission Requirements for Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate Programs

In order to be considered for admission, prospective students must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Some programs may require prior knowledge of mathematical subject areas such as statistics or algebra. Where a GPA is concerned, some graduate certificate programs may require a minimum of 2.5. Along with transcripts and an application, prospective students may also need to submit a statement of purpose.

Graduate certificate programs in data mining and applications can have up to 18 credit hours and are open to those with an undergraduate degree from an accredited college and university. Some of these programs can be completed online and may involve course topics such as applied statistics, data management, and programming.

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