DBA in Strategic Management

Apr 22, 2019

Learn about a DBA degree in strategic management. Discover the entrance requirements and find out what courses are needed to complete this doctoral degree.

There are lots of specializations available in the business administration field. A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program with a concentration in strategic management is one choice for those wanting to further their education and become part of the executive leadership of a company. This degree usually requires students to complete a dissertation and may take between 2.5-5 years to complete.

Common Courses in a DBA in Strategic Management

This degree can require around 60 credit-hours total including core courses, elective hours or specialization courses, and a dissertation. Common core courses in business administration include topics related to executive coaching, decision-making, and supply-chain management. Specialization courses in strategic management can include areas like ethical leadership and workforce planning and employment. Below we will look at many of these types of courses.

Advanced Business Research Methods

In this course, students learn about research methods in the business sector. This includes qualitative and quantitative methods. The goal is select a business topic and find scholarly and peer reviewed sources that support a hypothesis or solve a problem.

Strategic Supply Chain Management

In this course, supply management vocabulary and trends are covered. Students will learn how to analyze new opportunities and maintain supplier relationships. Also, the process for sourcing and sourcing strategy is explained. Supply chain risk is taught as well.

Organizational & Executive Coaching

Business coaching theories and techniques are covered in this course. Phone coaching and face-to-face coaching methods are taught. The course prepares coaches for leadership situations, different leadership styles, and the ethical aspects of coaching.

Strategic Thinking for Decision-Making

Making effective decisions is the focus of this course. This skill is necessary for the day-to-day operations of a business. Students will be able to evaluate a decision based on context and setting. Also, they will be able to deal with psychological factors that affect decision-making.

Ethical Leadership

This course covers leadership problems that arise when the individual's values conflict with the organization's values. Case studies and personal experiences are used. Also, current events are analyzed for outcomes of leadership decisions.

Workforce Planning & Employment

Several human resource topics are explored including recruitment, hiring, retention, and succession planning. Students will learn about federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations. Also, students will be able to assess the effectiveness of the workforce through quantitative analyses.

Executive Leadership & Management

In this course, the theoretical knowledge of leadership and management are taught. Also, practical leadership skills are presented to students. The goal is to improve the student's overall ability to lead. To do this, students will analyze the behaviors and traits of successful managers and leaders.

Financial Decision Making

Case studies and class discussions are the primary methods of teaching in this course. The goal is to provide context for financial analysis. Some of the tools introduced include financial statements, trend analysis, budgeting, benchmarking, and dashboards.

Strategy Implementation

This course is designed for mid-level managers. It provides skills for navigating an organization, determining the scope of a problem, and gaining power to complete goals. Students will evaluate case studies of successful managers and unsuccessful managers.

Program Admission Requirements

Students should complete a master's degree from an accredited school first, before applying for a DBA in strategic management program. A high GPA is required as well, since the program is very competitive. The GRE and GMAT exam isn't required for this program. International students need to submit their scores from an English proficiency test.

In conclusion, a DBA in strategic management requires the completion of core business courses, specialization courses in strategic management, and a dissertation. Students have several years to complete the requirements.

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