Difference Between Brand Manager & Marketing Manager

Brand and marketing managers have very similar jobs, although brand managers are more focused on a brand's overall appeal, while marketing managers work on gaining sales through promoting goods and services. Learn more about these similar careers.

Comparing Brand Managers to Marketing Managers

Both brand managers and marketing managers work to promote the image of the company or client they are working for. However, these positions differ in that brand managers focus on how the company or line of products is perceived by consumers, while marketing managers make sure that customers are interested in the goods and services of the company. Below you will find access to more about how these careers are interconnected.

Job Title Education Requirements Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2014-2024)**
Brand Manager Bachelor's degree $67,853 9% (for all advertising, promotions, and marketing managers)
Marketing Manager Bachelor's degree $62,753 9%

Source: *PayScale.com, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsibilities of Brand Managers vs. Marketing Managers

Brand managers and marketing managers both perform many tasks related to the marketing of products and services. However, brand managers research a market and determine how a brand can best fit into it to attract customers. Like many marketing and advertising managers in this field, they generally work closely with the owners and executives of companies. Marketing managers are also concerned with brand, but their focus is more on developing a marketing strategy for a specific group of customers. They also usually hire staff and manage employees.

Brand Manager

A brand manager must possess skills of analysis and creativity to implement their ideas and achieve their goals. They must develop large-scale marketing strategies as well as advertising strategies, including both print and digital media. They must continue to re-evaluate how their brand is seen in order to boost its value. Brand managers can be in charge of the image of goods, services, even people.

Job responsibilities of a Brand Manager include:

  • Evaluating brand image
  • Strategizing how to increase brand awareness
  • Overseeing advertising placement
  • Monitoring the progress of sales

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are similar to brand managers in the sense that they must both analyze markets to promote certain items or services. However, marketing managers do act in some different capacities. For one thing, they are in charge of their own staff, including assigning projects, monitoring their progress and maintaining team dynamics. Marketing managers also do research to find markets for their employers' or clients' products and services.

Job responsibilities of a Marketing Manager include:

  • Developing key strategies for different customer demographics
  • Communicating the value of products
  • Estimating the demand for their organizations' products or services
  • Collaborating with sales staff

Related Careers

Those thinking about becoming a brand manager might benefit from considering what a sales manager does, since both positions involve customer data. Anyone interested in what a marketing manager does might be intrigued by the duties of a graphic designer, because both careers involve using creative print or digital media to appeal to consumers.

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