DNP/PhD Dual Degree Programs Online

Jul 05, 2019

What if you wanted to combine research and clinical practice into one doctoral nursing program? Find out what kind of courses you can find in an online DNP/PhD program, along with the requirements to gain admission.

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Finding a dual DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) nursing program online will prove difficult. The program itself is a rare offering due to the clinical nature of the DNP portion, and you will have to complete at least some of your work on campus. If you're interested in fusing dissertation research and an intensive clinical training program while learning some of your material online, you can find a couple of DNP/PhD dual degree programs through distance education.

Overview of DNP/PhD Dual Degree Programs

A combination of a DNP and PhD places equal emphasis on clinical studies and research, and could take about five years or more to finish. Your studies will be intense and dedicated, adding up to over 120 academic credits for the DNP alone and close to 1000 hours in a clinical setting. The PhD requires the completion of a dissertation and oral defense as well as a research or teaching residency. Listed below are several common courses you will find while earning your DNP and PhD.

Context of Health Care for Advanced Nursing

In this class, you'll look at nursing responsibilities and accountability. You'll learn about different kinds of care services that span the entire healthcare spectrum, and learn leadership skills as well. The motivations behind modern methods of healthcare are explored, and you'll analyze how to remain relevant as technology and functions evolve.

Health Promotion and Risk Reduction

You'll look at preventing disease and how to reduce risk in various types of populations in this course. Your role as a nurse is critical in helping people stay healthy and prevent illness whenever possible. The idea of healthcare in ecological perspectives is also addressed, and you'll discuss different theories as they relate to promoting health.

Scientific Perspectives in Nursing

This type of seminar combines research and theory to explore all aspects of nursing philosophy. You'll approach nursing from different perspectives related to research methodology and theories. Critical analysis is vital during your time with this course, and you'll need to include insight from other sciences as part of your criticism. You'll discover ways to apply existing research to your own future projects as you work toward both degrees.

Mixed Methods Research Designs

Because you'll be looking at both qualitative and quantitative data throughout your dual degree, this course allows you to tackle research questions from each perspective. You'll learn how to properly use mixed method research, how to introduce one type of data to a project that utilizes the opposite type, and you'll study the principles behind the adoption of mixed methods.

Grant Writing

You'll cover the writing skills you need for grants and their applications in this seminar. You'll learn about the significance of grants, how to properly appeal in the request for grants, and how you'll word the analysis process in a grant application. When it's required, you'll use the mechanism traditionally seen in the National Research Service Award format.

Admissions Requirements for DNP/PhD Dual Degree Programs Online

To gain entry into a DNP/PhD combined program, you must meet strict requirements that include a current valid license to practice nursing. You'll need at least a bachelor's degree in nursing, along with a written statement of your goals in research, and this should be submitted to the department with your application. Official transcripts and GRE scores should be sent directly to each school. Ideally, you will have already practiced some nursing for at least a year, which you can explain in your written statement as you describe how your research areas complement one or more faculty members' research at the school you want to attend. You'll also need several letters of recommendation from previous academic and professional supervisors.

DNP/PhD dual degree online programs are exceedingly rare, but you can still prepare yourself with the correct previous experience in nursing. You will find many interesting and relevant courses in the combined program to help you find your research and clinical specializations.

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