Double Major in Economics & Political Science

Jan 02, 2018

A double major in economics and political science can ensure that graduates have a strong academic background in economic policies and theories, as well as an understanding of the relationship between politics and the economy.

Pursuing a Double Major in Economics and Political Science

How does the government influence the economy? What are the main economic institutions in our society and how do they work? How will the outcome of elections shape economic policies? Students who pursue a double major in economics and political science will be aware of the relationship between political policy and the economy as well as how governments and international issues can impact economics domestically and internationally.

Admission Requirements for a Double Major in Economics and Political Science

In order to be considered for admission to a college or university, students must submit an application with their high school transcript, essay, standardized test scores and letters of recommendation. Some schools offering double majors in economics and political science require applicants to complete specific high school courses. Once accepted into the institution, students need to pass the intro-level courses for the individual majors with the minimum grade required. After that, they formally request to complete the program as a double major and must be accepted by both departments.

Double Major in Economics and Political Science Program Coursework

Students who choose to pursue a double major in economics and political science will need to complete all of the courses required for each major. This will ensure that they have extensive knowledge of political systems and economic policies. They will also learn to analyze political and economic data as part of their studies and may opt to pursue electives that focus on international relations or other areas of interest.


How much should an employee be paid? Students taking microeconomics will learn about how markets are structured and how those structures impact wages. They will learn about microeconomic theories and other topics such as consumer behavior. The objective is for students to develop an understanding of how economic structures impact consumers and businesses.


What is macroeconomics? Students will learn about what large-scale factors contribute to employment rates and the cost of products. They will also be introduced to American monetary policies and economic structures. These concepts are then often examined in an international context.


How can someone make an accurate economic forecast? Students learn the methods economics used to assess economic conditions and then develop projections based on data analysis. As a hands-on course, students are introduced to several software programs used in the industry for econometric purposes.

American Politics

How is the American political system structured? What factors determined the structure of the U.S. system? Students will explore the history of the American political system and how it works.

Comparative Politics

How the government systems in other countries work is explored. Students will gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between the American political system and the government structures in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America and Australia. They will also develop an understanding of how those political systems impact society and cultures and the impact of globalization on these systems and societies.

International Relations

Why do some countries get along better than others? Is it possible for countries that have been in conflict for some time to resolve their differences? Students will learn about some of the factors that cause countries to go to war and international policies that can influence international relations between different parts of the world.

How to Choose a Bachelor's Degree with a Double Major in Economics and Political Science

Many postsecondary institutions offer majors in economics and political science so students should be able to find schools in the geographic regions that they want to attend studies in. Some programs offer a wider range of courses or the option of taking courses online. These two factors may influence decisions about picking a program. Some political science programs focus more on government while others concentrate on international relations so the specific program emphasize may influence students when choosing a program.

Career Options with a Degree with a Double Major in Economics and Political Science

With a bachelor's degree in economics and political science it's possible to pursue opportunities as a research assistant for a political scientist. Political scientists enjoyed a median annual income of $114,290, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2016. However, the BLS only expects political scientists to see a 2% rate of job growth from 2016 to 2026; so those with a double major in economics and political science may want to pursue other career options in business, finance, education or government.

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