Double Major in Psychology & Business

Jan 04, 2018

Understanding human behavior can be an advantage when operating a business. Individuals who pursue a double major in psychology and business are ideal candidates for careers managing staff, promoting products and conducting research.

Overview of Bachelor's Degree Programs with a Double Major in Psychology and Business

The study of psychology provides students with a solid understanding of human behavior and the factors that motivate people to behave in specific ways. Since businesses must deal with issues such as employee conflicts, consumer relations and contract negotiations, individuals who have studied both psychology and business are able to predict how people will respond and develop strategies to ensure positive business outcomes. It's usually possible to pursue a double major in psychology and business at schools that offer both degree options.

Admission Requirements for Double Major in Psychology and Business Programs

The standard academic admission requirements apply to students interested in studying psychology and business. Individuals must graduate from high school with the required number of courses in core subjects. Some schools require students to earn a specific GPA in those courses to be eligible. Schools also consider standardized test scores, and some schools require students to provide reference letters when they apply. Strong academic standing is needed to be admitted to certain postsecondary institutions, and once accepted, students must often complete the prerequisites for the programs they're interested in to qualify for acceptance to those majors.

Double Major in Psychology and Business Program Coursework

Students studying business and psychology are commonly required to complete basic courses in both majors. These introductory courses will prepare students for more advanced studies in those disciplines.

Intermediate Microeconomics

Students will continue to explore issues in microeconomics. They'll learn about how consumers make purchasing decisions. They'll also explore other business practices, such as distribution, and learn about the relationship between business practices and the economy.

Intermediate Macroeconomics

Students with a basic understanding of macroeconomics will expand on their knowledge. They'll learn about how government decisions can affect the economy. Students will specifically explore issues such as unemployment.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Industrial and organizational psychology looks at aspects of psychology that are applicable in the workplace. This includes making decisions about hiring or promoting staff. Students also learn about psychological principles that can be used to resolve workplace issues.

Financial Management

Students will learn about financial management strategies. They will also explore different issues that are related to financial management. Students should become equipped to analyze financial information and apply financial management strategies to corporate issues.

Educational Psychology

How do people learn? Is one method of learning more effective than another? Students taking educational psychology will be exposed to educational theories and how these theories impact educational policies and practices.

Psychology of Health

How does a person's behavior impact their health? How people cope with pain will be explored, as well as other health factors that can be affected by a person's choices. Students will look at the psychological aspects of health care.

How to Choose a Bachelor's Degree Program with a Double Major in Psychology and Business

Students who want to pursue a double major in psychology and business will find many schools offer both degree options. Some business degrees emphasize business administration, and some schools have programs that offer concentrations in marketing, finance or management. Psychology students can also opt to pursue psychology majors with an emphasis in areas such as child development or organizational studies, which may fit nicely with business. It's important for students to consider their career goals to ensure that the programs they select are suited to their specific objectives.

Career Options for a Degree with a Double Major in Psychology and Business

Individuals with a double major in psychology and business can apply their skills in a number of fields, such as advertising and promotions. Advertising, promotions and marketing managers earned a median annual income of $127,560 in 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS expects that those employed in this field will enjoy a 9% job growth rate from 2016 to 2026. Other professions such as the following could also make use of the skills you will gain in this program:

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