Dual Degree Programs in Michigan

Aug 02, 2019

A dual degree program is one way to earn two graduate-level degrees in similar or different fields of study at the same time. Learn more about specific universities in Michigan that offer dual degree programs.

Dual degree programs often allow you to double count some credits and earn two different degrees at a quicker pace than it would take to earn them separately. There are various combinations of dual degree that could combine such fields of study as business, public health, law, and engineering. Several universities in Michigan offer different kinds of dual degree programs, some of which we will explore in-depth below.

Michigan Universities Offering Dual Degree Programs

University of Michigan

Located in An Arbor, Michigan, the University of Michigan offers several dual degree programs that pair the Master of Science in Information degree with the Master of Social Work, the Master of Public Policy, the Juris Doctor, an MD degree, or with another, self-initiated graduate degree. For these programs, you will earn credits for each degree, with some credits overlapping. The JD can also be paired with various master degrees in business, social work, Japanese studies, and other fields, with the exact number of required credits varying by program. For the JD program, you will take one year of law school before adding on your second chosen degree. You could also pair the Master of Social Work with other degrees, such as public health, law, and business administration.

University of Michigan - Flint

The University of Michigan - Flint, which is located in Flint, Michigan, also offers dual degree programs, one of which is the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Science in Accounting. This dual program will require 45-60 total credits, with credits being able to be double counted for both degrees. Along with MBA courses in management and economics, you will take specialized accounting, taxation, and auditing classes that will fulfill your MS in Accounting degree. This university also offers a dual MBA and Physical Therapy (DPT) degree option that will require 144-153 credits, MBA coursework, and DPT coursework in anatomy, pharmacology and kinesiology, and clinical internships. Other dual MBA degree options include pairing it with Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems, with a Master in Leadership & Organization Dynamics, or with a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

University of Michigan - Dearborn

In Dearborn, Michigan, the University of Michigan - Dearborn pairs the MBA with several other degree types. You could earn the MBA along with the Master of Science in Finance, the Master of Science-Information Systems, the Master of Science Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering, the Master of Health Services Administration, or the Master of Science-Supply Chain Management. Some of these dual programs, including the finance, supply chain management, information systems, and industrial and systems engineering degrees, require 57-66 credit hours with coursework split between the MBA and the second degree option. The dual MBA degree and health services administration degree is an 82-credit program that is geared towards preparing student for a career in health care management.

Wayne State University

Wayne State University, located in Detroit, Michigan, has dual Juris Doctor degree programs that will pair your JD with a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, or a Master of Arts in economics, history, or political science. For these dual programs, you will need to meet the requirements of both degrees but credits from your JD degree can be applied to your second master's degree. For example, the MA in criminal justice requires 30 total credits but 9 of those credits can be law school credits that also apply to your JD. This university also has dual Master of Social Work degree program that pair the MSW with the Master of Public Health degree. This is a 102-credit hour program with 20 credits that may be counted towards both degrees.

Michigan State University

Located in East Lansing, Michigan, Michigan State University has a dual degree program that will allow you to earn a 61-credit MBA along with another degree type, which could be a medical degree (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), or a Juris Doctor degree. The joint MBA and MD or DO degree are both five years programs that split coursework by year with the first two years spent earning your specific medial degree, and the remaining years a mix of MBA and medical coursework. This university also has dual customized JD degree program that pairs the law degree with an approved degree of your choice. Some options for this program include a JD and a Master's of Art in English degree, and JD and Master of Science in Fisheries & Wildlife, or a JD and Master in Urban and Regional Planning.

Entrance Requirements for Dual Programs

Most dual degree programs will have a similar set of application materials that will include transcripts, letters of recommendations, an essay or personal statement, and a resume. The main difference in applying to dual degree programs rather than a single degree program is that, usually, you must apply to both programs. For example, if you want to attend a dual MSW/MS In Information program, you will most likely to need to apply to the school of social work and the school of information separately. That also means you will have to meet specific admission requirements for each degree, which could include having relevant undergraduate coursework, professional experience in the specific field of the degree, or a minimum GPA.

Several universities in Michigan have dual degree programs that will allow you to earn two degrees in such fields as business, law, engineering, or public health. These dual degree programs typically require coursework that fulfills both degrees with some overlapping credits, and you usually must apply to both programs.

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