Economics & Computer Science Double Major

Jan 06, 2018

Economics and computer science majors are equipped to assess the implications of policies, make informed decisions about business operations and analyze data. A double major equips students for careers in fields such as technology, finance and business.

Overview of a Double Major in Economics and Computer Science

Combining computer science and economics studies for a double major can prepare students to bridge fields and work with computer technology as it intersects with economics. The economics major helps students develop an understanding of the relationship between businesses and society. They learn theories related to domestic and global economics and factors that affect economic conditions. Computer science majors learn to write programming code, protect computer data, and design computer systems and software. Gathering and analyzing data is important in both fields of study, and dual expertise could result in specialized professional opportunities.

Admission Requirements for Double Major in Economics and Computer Science Programs

Students who plan to attend college or university after high school must ensure that they complete the core course requirements in high school, such as four English courses and two mathematics courses. Schools review high school transcripts and some schools require students to achieve a minimum score on standardized tests to be considered.

The admitted student should meet with advisors as soon as possible to ensure they stay on schedule to fulfill requirements for both majors. A few institutions offer the double major as an advertised option with a fairly established course schedule, though most will require students to work with advisors to meet distinct major requirements across departments.

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Double Major in Economics and Computer Science Program Coursework

Foundational courses in composition and mathematics are typically required for both majors. Students can develop their analytical skills through practical instruction in data mining and economic analysis. They can also explore specific areas of interest, such as Internet security and international finance.

Game Theory

Decision-making among participants and subsequent outcomes in fixed models, or game theory, factors heavily into economics and has applications in computer science. Topics related to strategy, such as incentives, cooperation, and behavior will be explored. This course will familiarize students with bargaining and other theories relevant to business strategy and relationships.

Industrial Organization

This course will teach students about the structure of industries and markets. Students will explore topics such as mergers and acquisitions to gain a broader understanding of the relationship between business development and market strength. They will also learn about the impact of regulations on the structure of businesses.

International Finance

Students will explore international finance, including global financial organizations such as the World Bank and IMF. They'll learn about how how international banking and exchange rate systems work. The objective of the course is to ensure that students understand how international markets interact and the relationship between international policies and financial markets.

Operating Systems

Different operating systems can be effectively used for different purposes, and a course in operating systems will ensure that computer science students are familiar with the most common operating systems, their components and functions. Students will learn about different features of operating systems, such as processor scheduling and memory management, and explore some of the issues with specific systems.

Web Design

Programming languages, such as Java, and aspects of web page design are covered in this course. Students will also learn about HTML and data storage online. They will study different topics related to designing and maintaining content for the Internet. Basic security issues that stem from operating online are also covered.

Software Engineering

Software engineering courses are generally project and team-based to mimic real software development. Students learn about software architecture and design, testing, and tools. Computer science departments may offer multiple courses in software engineering at advancing levels, with topics stretching into reverse engineering and real-time software.

How to Choose a Bachelor's Degree with a Double Major in Economics and Computer Science

In order to pursue the double major, both programs need to be offered as part of the same degree type; some schools offer economics and computer science as bachelor of arts degrees while other schools offer them as bachelor of science degrees. The student should be aware of this because it's possible one will be offered as a bachelor of arts and the other as a bachelor of science; in that case, they would be required to earn a dual degree, which generally involves more credits and possibly time. Schools may also offer both options, with the arts degree usually being more flexible and less rigorous than the science degree.

Programs are available at public and private non-profit schools, and other factors, such as cost and location, may also influence a student's program choice. Programs are also available that offer international study options and internships.

Career Options with a Double Major in Economics and Computer Science

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides information about job growth projections and salaries for professionals such as financial analysts. Financial analysts might benefit from a double major because they would be empowered to use their computational skills to analyze financial data and make recommendations to companies or clients. The BLS expects financial analysts to see an 11% rate of job growth from 2016 to 2026. In 2016 these professionals earned a median income of $81,760 per year, according to the BLS. Some other career options that would utilize the unique skills of individuals with a double major in economics and computer science include:

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