Electrician Vs. Millwright

Electricians and millwrights both work with their hands. They perform many superficially similar tasks, although they perform different functions. Continue reading to compare their roles in greater detail.

Comparing Electricians to Millwrights

The path to becoming an electrician or millwright is similar. These professionals also need some similar skills to perform their tasks. Electricians concentrate on making electricity transmit safely throughout buildings while millwrights work with machines.

Job Title Educational Requirements Median Salary (2016)* Job Outlook (2016-2026)*
Electricians High school diploma or GED, apprenticeship, license $52,720 9%
Millwrights High school diploma or GED, apprenticeship $52,440 10%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsibilities of Electricians vs. Millwrights

Electricians and millwrights both work with tools, and their work can involve performing system checks, identifying issues and replacing damaged or defective parts. Both also need to be able to read technical documents, such as blueprints or manuals. Electricians run wires through buildings and to outdoor systems and connect electricity to the wiring so that things like lights work properly. Millwrights assemble and disassemble machines. Millwrights may also use construction equipment, such as cranes, for some of their jobs.


Electricians regularly work at places like construction sites and they may work inside and outside. It's normal for electricians to work all day and into the evening and they may regularly work weekends as well. They spend their time making electrical systems work properly. They must be fit and capable of lifting heavy tools and materials. Attention to detail is also important because they perform dangerous tasks and need to ensure they follow regulations and maintain a safe working environment.

Job responsibilities of an electrician include:

  • Consulting with construction supervisors or others
  • Collaborating on system design plans
  • Supervising apprentices
  • Putting wires in buildings
  • Connecting electrical systems to power sources
  • Checking systems and replacing damaged materials


Millwrights work with machines. It's common for them to work with large machines in factories and they may also work in power plants. Some overtime work may be required. It's important that millwrights have strong mechanical skills since their entire career involves working with machines. They also need to have exceptional hand-eye coordination to work safely and effectively with small pieces of equipment. They also need exceptional organizational skills to keep track of parts.

Job responsibilities of a millwright include:

  • Reviewing equipment manuals
  • Operating tools
  • Taking machines apart
  • Labeling machine parts
  • Assembling machines
  • Performing repairs

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