Eligibility for an MBA in International Business

Jul 29, 2019

Some MBA programs offer a specialized degree in international business that includes coursework focused on a global business perspective. Learn more about eligibility and coursework requirements for MBA programs in international business.

If you have decided to earn your Master of Business Administration degree and want to specialize your degree, then one MBA concentration option is that of international business. This type of concentration centers business theories and practices as well as management concepts and skills in an international context. MBA programs in international business have similar eligibility requirements and similar coursework requirements, which we will discuss below.

Admissions Eligibility Requirements for an MBA in International Business

To be eligible to apply to an MBA in International Business degree program, you must have already earned an undergraduate degree, and along with your application, you must also submit your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. As for GRE/GMAT scores, each program will have its own requirements. Some programs require them, other don't, and a few programs offer waivers if you have significant work experience or have earned a different type of graduate degree.

Common Coursework for an MBA in International Business

First, it's important to note that different MBA in international business programs will all have individual coursework requirements. However, there are some common core courses that you will most likely need to complete in order to be eligible to earn your degree. Below, we will delve into specific courses that you may take to fulfill your international business concentration.

International Business

International business, or global business, is one kind of course you will take in your degree program. This wide-ranging course will cover several topics related to the international business environment. You will examine the way social, cultural, and legal factors affect business, trade, and investment operations in a global economy. You might also cover specific countries and their markets, political issues, and corporate responsibility topics.

International Marketing

For your MBA in international business, you might also need to take a course on international marketing. This specialized course will examine marketing theories and practices in an international framework, covering how businesses can best develop marketing strategies for specific markets. You could also study international trade law, sourcing strategies, and other marketing concepts.

International Finance

A course that covers international finance is also a common core class you will need to take to fulfill your international business MBA. For this course, you will study monetary systems, financial markets, and financial institutions that function on a global level. You could also study different currencies and their values, capital management concepts, and risk analysis related to foreign investments.

Global Strategic Management

Global strategic management is another kind of common core course you could take in your degree program. This course will most likely focus on the issues and concerns that go along with expanding into a global market, including HR, operations, finances, marketing, ethics, and laws. Basically, this course teaches you how to best manage a business in a global environment.

Emerging Markets

Last, a course on emerging markets could also be a part of your MBA in international business curriculum. This course usually examines the markets in such countries as China, India, and Brazil and how they are becoming a part of the larger global economy. You might also study the factors that affect these emerging markets, including private companies and investments, legal issues, and political concerns.

Many MBA programs that offer a concentration in international business have similar eligibility requirements, one of which is holding an undergraduate degree. These programs are also similar in terms of the type of core coursework you will complete within your international business concentration.

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