Engagement Manager Vs. Account Manager

Engagement managers and account managers share similar goals of meeting the unique needs of clients, and they have the same degree requirements and job outlooks, but their salaries and duties differ.

Comparing Engagement Managers to Account Managers

Engagement and account managers both work in office settings as they strive to increase revenue by either assisting clients with their projects or by offering new products to existing customers. Readers will learn more about the comparisons between the responsibilities of these professionals, as well as their educational requirements, annual earnings, and career outlooks.

Job Title Educational Requirements Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2016-2026)**
Engagement Managers Bachelor's Degree $86,301 9% (Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers)
Account Managers Bachelor's Degree $51,570 9% (Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers)

Sources: *PayScale, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsibilities of Engagement Managers vs. Account Managers

Engagement managers and account managers may develop presentations to sell goods and propose projects to clients. Additionally, they work on integrated and diverse teams of creative individuals, marketing teams, and technical specialists. Engagement managers, like some project managers, are responsible for taking on projects on behalf of clients that will support their business processes. Account managers, on the other hand, work to keep customers loyal by following-up with them after sales are final, offering them new products.

Engagement Managers

Engagement managers work closely with clients and team members as a project progresses from initial development to completion. Their main role is to ensure that both the client and the project team have the same understanding regarding the scope of the project, it's goals, timing, and progress. When disconnects occur, the engagement manager will identify the cause of the discrepancy and work to bring both sides back into alignment. Internally, an engagement manager brings together the various teams working on the project to ensure they're all working toward a cohesive and parallel goal.

Job responsibilities of an engagement manager include:

  • Designing procedures that will promote productivity among the teams
  • Becoming familiar with any limitations to completing a project, including budget
  • Traveling to customer offices and learning more about their company
  • Mediating any conflicts and/or miscommunication that occurs during the project's progression

Account Managers

Account managers work with a few large accounts in order to retain customers even after the initial sale is complete, especially key clients. They contact these clients to offer them the newest products and services that may meet their business needs. This means being familiar with the offerings their company manages to bring to clients, as well as the client's business goals and procedures. Earning a degree in marketing or business can help account managers balance sales with understanding a customer's requirements.

Job responsibilities of an account manager include:

  • Researching the newest products and services in their field that are available to their clients
  • Securing new clients
  • Upholding their company's policy on great customer service
  • Maintaining sales goals for their company

Related Careers

If a career as an engagement manager interests you, a position as a project manager could too, especially because both lead the development of deliverables. Additionally, if you're curious about a career as an account manager, you could explore a future as an advertising manager, as both improve a company's marketing strategies.

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