Enneagram Type 7 (The Enthusiast) Careers

Jan 20, 2020

Enneagram Type 7 Personalities don't like to be bored; they are natural explorers who are capable of coming up with original ideas. Continue reading to learn about a variety of career options that utilize this personality type's natural strengths.

Career Options for Enneagram Type 7 Personalities

Individuals who possess an Enneagram Type 7 Personality are also known as enthusiasts; they tend to be bright, creative individuals who enjoy spontaneity and adventure. Those who are focused are often quite successful, and their extroverted personalities can contribute to their ability to generate support for their interests. They are inventive and capable of coming up with original ideas; these qualities are applicable to a range of careers.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Outlook (2018-2028)*
Writers and Authors $62,170(annually) 0%
Industrial Designers $66,590 (annually) 3%
Musicians and Singers $28.15 (hourly) 0%
Tour Guides $26,570 (annually) 7%
Sociologists $82,050 (annually) 9%
Multimedia Artists and Animators $72,520 (annually) 4%
Camera Operators $54,570 (annually) 8%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Enneagram Type 7 Personalities

Writers and Authors

It's common for writers and authors to have a bachelor's degree in a related discipline such as journalism. Writers and authors produce written material for publication. Their work can involve research, travel, and interviewing people. Enneagram Type 7 Personalities are likely to enjoy these activities because they have an extroverted and adventurous spirit. There are also opportunities for creativity and exploring different ideas, which are aspects of this type of work that may appeal to Enneagram Type 7 Personalities. People with this personality type may also be interested in writing shorter articles and scripts so that they can move from project to project, which will appeal to an Enneagram Type 7 Personality's tendency to come up with new ideas constantly and may offer the opportunity for spontaneity in their work if they can alternate between projects.

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers apply their creative talents and design skills to tasks involving the design and creation of manufactured goods such as children's toys. Since Enneagram Type 7 Personalities are naturally creative, they may find a career where they can be involved in designing a range of products to be very satisfying. Industrial designers spend time talking to customers and presenting their plans to others as part of their duties; the Enneagram Type 7 Personality's natural ability to elicit support for their ideas may mean that they can be successful in this career field. It's common for industrial designers to study industrial design or a similar subject, such as engineering, to prepare for their career. They must have a bachelor's degree.

Musicians and Singers

Enneagram Type 7 Personalities tend to be creative, and this can make people with this personality type ideal candidates for artistic careers. As musicians and singers, they can tap into ideas for songs, and since they like to be spontaneous, they may enjoy the opportunity to perform live. Musicians and singers that are successful also spend time traveling and working in a variety of environments, including recording studios and performance venues. Enneagram Type 7 Personalities may find this keeps them stimulated since they do not like to be bored. Musicians and singers can pursue a career with talent alone, although many take music classes or study music theory to help develop their skills.

Tour Guides

Tour guides do not necessarily need postsecondary education, although many who work in this field have an associate's or bachelor's degree. They take groups of people through buildings, museums, historic sites or other types of locations that appeal to tourists. Since Enneagram Type 7 Personalities are naturally skilled at making other people interested in things that they're enthusiastic about, Enneagram Type 7 Personalities who find a subject area of interest may be very effective tour guides and may appreciate the opportunities to interact with different people throughout their workday.


Sociologists perform studies that are intended to help them understand how people behave and interact in social groups. Since Enneagram Type 7 Personalities are extroverts, they may find that the opportunity to work with other professionals during their research and to gather data by interviewing people is something they enjoy. Sociologists also create surveys and watch people to inform their work. Enneagram Type 7 Personalities are good at coming up with ideas and may appreciate the opportunities to develop theories that they then attempt to prove or disprove through their work. A master's or doctoral degree in sociology is typically required for this career.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

Multimedia artists and animators must earn a bachelor's degree and usually study computer graphics or a similar discipline, such as art. They produce images and models that are used in filmed materials and video games. This is a career that can tap into an Enneagram Type 7 Personality's creative tendencies. They may appreciate the opportunity to develop new characters, settings and materials for different products. Their work also involves talking to clients about their needs and meeting with other professionals working on the project, so Enneagram Type 7 Personalities will find this occupation offers regular interaction with others.

Camera Operators

Camera operators can work in studios or travel to different locations where footage is being filmed for documentaries, movies, news broadcasts or other types of programs. Camera operators use video cameras to capture images on film; they can have a bachelor's degree in a subject such as communications and know how to use video editing software. Opportunities to travel, set up different types of shots with people, places and animals, and work with different special effects to capture the desired image may be aspects of this career that Enneagram Type 7 Personalities will be drawn to. This type of work takes advantage of their creativity and sense of adventure since these professionals experiment with new film techniques in distinct locations.

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