Enneagram Type 8 Personality (The Challenger) Careers

Enneagram Type 8 Personalities seek positions of authority and may find career options in installation, business, social science, politics and education can tap into their natural skills and interests.

Career Options for Enneagram Type 8 Personalities

Enneagram Type 8 Personalities are also known as 'the challenger' because they do not follow others blindly and thrive in situations that cause them to work harder and improve their skills or performance. They prefer to be in charge, they are compelled to protect people or causes important to them, and they also seek ways to motivate others to improve their performance or achieve goals. They tend to have a significant impact on others and the world around them because of their natural leadership abilities, strong personalities, and values of truth and justice.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Outlook (2016-2026)*
Elementary, Middle and High School Principals $92,510 8%
Directors of Religious Activities and Education $38,610 7%
Fundraisers $54,130 15%
Urban and Regional Planners $70,020 13%
Judges and Hearing Officers $109,940 5%
Wind Farm Operations Managers $104,970 (managers, all other) 8% (managers, all other)
Legislators $23,470 7%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Enneagram Type 8 Personalities

Elementary, Middle and High School Principals

School principals must have a master's degree in a subject area like education leadership in addition to prior teaching experience and a license. School principals are responsible for a wide range of tasks, including implementing policies, supervising staff, and developing operating budgets. Enneagram Type 8 Personalities like to assume leadership, so they may be drawn to a career where they're in charge of operating a school. Enneagram Type 8 Personalities are also interested in motivating others so that they perform optimally; as school principals, they would do this everyday with teachers, students, and other administrators.

Directors of Religious Activities and Education

Religious activities and education directors develop programs, teach classes, and oversee the staff and volunteers involved in providing religious instruction. A bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as theology, is usually required to work in this field. Since Enneagram Type 8 Personalities like to impact the world around them and have strong values, they may be drawn to careers such as this where they can promote their religious beliefs and values. They will also appreciate this type of leadership role since they like to be in positions of authority.


Fundraisers must have a bachelor's degree in a field such as public relations. Their objective is to develop ways to raise money for organizations. Enneagram Type 8 Personalities are naturally inclined to work for the benefit of others and thrive on motivating people. As fundraisers, they can motivate people to financially support the organizations they work for and believe in. Enneagram Type 8 Personalities like to make a difference in their community and the lives of others; they may find that this career provides them with an opportunity to promote causes that work to improve the world. Further, they'll likely have the chance to organize campaigns and train volunteers in a leadership capacity.

Urban and Regional Planners

Enneagram Type 8 Personalities may find that a career as an urban and regional planner appeals to them because they can influence community development, take steps to protect the environment, and advocate for community needs as part of their work. Since Enneagram Type 8 Personalities are more interested in causes than popularity, those that are committed to their community and to the environment may find this to be an ideal career choice. Urban and regional planners are required to earn a master's degree in their field. They ensure development plans meet the needs of their communities and work to improve the community for all people by protecting the environment and ensuring resources are in place to help those in need.

Judges and Hearing Officers

Judges and hearing officers are required to have a law degree and law license. They are in charge of court proceedings, so this occupation may appeal to the Enneagram Type 8 Personality's desire for authority. Enneagram Type 8 Personalities may also find this career satisfying because they have strong beliefs about justice, and judges and hearing officers ensure the rule of law is followed. Judges and hearing officers may also conduct legal research and issue rulings; Enneagram Type 8 Personalities may be ideally suited to their responsibilities because of their interest in the truth and their lack of concern for popular opinion or approval from others.

Wind Farm Operations Managers

Wind farm operation managers are in charge of wind farms and work to ensure that production goals are met. Their duties involve tasks such as overseeing staff, making sure that equipment is maintained, and ensuring safety regulations are followed. They typically need a bachelor's degree and leadership and mechanical skills to work in this field. Since Enneagram Type 8 Personalities are interested in causes and having authority over others, those that are concerned about the environment who have mechanical skills may be interested in pursuing this type of leadership role in a field that promotes renewable energy production.


Since Enneagram Type 8 Personalities want to change the world for the better, they may be interested in a career as a legislator so that they can promote laws and policies that will improve society. As legislators, they may also determine who is hired for specific jobs that involve serving the public. Enneagram Type 8 Personalities may be motivated by the work that legislators do to promote causes and find that fighting for legislation they believe in prompts them to work as hard as possible on behalf of the people who elected them. Legislators are elected officials, although it's common for them to have a bachelor's degree.

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