Evening Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Many of the jobs that stay-at-home moms can do in the evenings require typing skills, customer service experience or caregiving time. This article offers insight into several of these positions and supplies some vital information for each.

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Career Options for Stay-at-Home Moms Working at Night

More and more options have become available for women looking to stay at home and raise their children during the day, then work in the evenings. Several of these jobs can be done online, while others may require going to client's houses. Below is a list of possible night-time jobs for stay at home moms and information for each.

Job Title Median Salary Per Hour (2017)* Job Growth (2014-2024)**
Online Adjunct Professor $36 (for all adjunct professors) 13% (for all postsecondary teachers)
Translator $19.88 (for all interpreters and translators) 29% (for all interpreters and translators)
Transcriptionist $15.18 -3% (for all medical transcriptionists)
Online Customer Service Representative $13.34 (for all customer service representatives) 10% (for all customer service representatives)
Pet Sitter $13 (for all dog sitters) 11% (for all animal care and service workers)
Baby Sitter $10.15 5% (for all childcare workers)

Sources: *, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for People Interested in Evening Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Online Adjunct Professor

Professors typically must hold doctorates and could teach for universities and colleges; some positions in community colleges may only require a master's. Most colleges now offer online coursework. An online adjunct position would be suitable for a professor who has taken some time off to raise her family or for anyone with an advanced degree and some teaching experience. These jobs may require the instructor to 'meet' with students online for one-on-one sessions, as well as grading and editing work and assessments over the computer.


Translators are needed by some employers to translate written work for them. For example, this could be a lawyer needing a witness statement translated or a book company producing work from English into German. Translators are language experts who often use computers to work online, rewriting material from one language to another; this kind of work could be done remotely and at night. Translators often need a bachelor's degree, but even more important than that is having fluency in at least two languages.


Any moms who are fast and accurate typists can possibly get work as transcriptionists. Transcriptionists are experts at listening to audio and typing the material quickly and accurately. Many transcriptionists work in medical hospitals or clinics, where they transcribe doctors' analyses. However, there are instances where employers as diverse as psychologists, curators, lawyers and book companies hire independent transcriptionists who can work from home transcribing for them. Transcriptionists need a high school diploma and experience as a typist. Medical transcriptionist may be required to take medical terminology classes.

Online Customer Service Representative

Many companies now offer jobs for customer service representatives who can work from home. Online companies may look for customer service reps who can work nights troubleshooting problems for their clients. These professionals help to answer questions, fix billing problems or set up appointments for technician visits. These jobs only require a high school diploma and specific training from the company. Computer skills are helpful, as well as good communication abilities.

Pet Sitter

Pet sitters take care of animals while their owners are away. Pet sitters don't need any formal education, but working well with animals is a must. Some pet owners may prefer pet sitters who have had some kind of animal care experience, such as working with a vet or shelter. These caretakers may be required to feed the animals, clean up waste and litterboxes, administer medications as needed and perform any other needed care, like baths. They could also be expected to take dogs on walks or otherwise help the pets get exercise. The tasks of a pet sitter can be performed at night, though visits during the day when caring for animals like dogs will be necessary as well. While most pet sitters visit the animals at their owners' homes, the sitter could also make arrangements to have the animals stay at their home while the owners are away.

Baby Sitter

Baby sitting is the obvious evening job for moms at home. Some moms cooperate with other working moms to take in their kids after school. They help the kids with homework and feed them snacks. Depending on a state's regulations, others may work nights with a certain number of kids and only for a certain number of hours. Stay-at-home moms who babysit take on the responsibilities of a child's care while the child is in their homes. They are expected to take part in entertaining the child and participating in other age-appropriate activities. Formal training is not needed; however, moms with certification in childcare or child development may find more opportunities.

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