Fun & Exciting Jobs That Require Travel

Jul 30, 2021

Fun and Exciting Career Options that Require Travel

Depending on your personal skills and interests, there are numerous jobs that require travel on different scales that may be considered fun and exciting. These careers span a wide range of job fields, from science to the fine arts. Learn about some of the fun and exciting jobs that require travel below.

Job Title Median Salary (2020)* Job Growth (2019-2029)*
Musicians and Singers $31.40 (median hourly wage) 1%
Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists $66,350 4%
Photographers $41,280 -4% (decline)
Reporters and Correspondents $49,300 -11% (decline)
Travel Guides $29,460 5%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Fun and Exciting Jobs that Require Travel

Musicians and Singers

For those who are musically inclined, a career as a musician and/or singer could be fun and exciting and would require travel on various scales for performances. These artists may also have to travel to auditions before catching a big break and must spend ample amount of time practicing their instrument and perfecting their skills. Musicians and singers are usually fairly active on social media to try to create and grow their fan base. Some musicians and singers, especially those who specialize in classical music, hold a bachelor's degree, but no formal education is required.

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

People who find science and interacting with animals to be fun and exciting may fit well into a job as a zoologist or wildlife biologist. Both of these jobs provide opportunities to travel for research. Additionally, these scientists often need to travel to remote locations to study a particular animal species, where they conduct research projects that may study topics like animal behavior, social interactions or how a species interacts with its environment. Zoologists and wildlife biologists then analyze their data and publish their findings in research papers, which are often used to improve conservation efforts for animals and the environment. Most research positions require a master's or doctoral degree, but some positions are available for zoologists and wildlife biologists who have a bachelor's degree.


A career as a photographer, especially as a fine-arts photographer, can be fun and exciting with its potential for artistic freedom to capture images of any subject. Photographers may travel far and wide or to local sites to capture images of people, animals, scenery and more, usually with a digital camera. These professionals typically edit their photos with photo-enhancing software to create the highest quality images for their clients and to include in their professional portfolios. Some photographers need a bachelor's degree, but most just need a good understanding of photographic techniques.

Reporters and Correspondents

Reporters and correspondents, or journalists, often have to travel to different locations to cover a wide range of news stories and events as they're happening, which can be fun and exciting. These reporters may write or record their stories to be included in magazines, newspapers, websites, television news casts or radio shows and must ensure that their facts and research are accurate. Some reporters and correspondents may specialize in a particular topic, such as sports or politics, and often need to conduct interviews with spectators, witnesses or other people involved in the story. Most of these professionals have at least a bachelor's degree and some experience in the field.

Travel Guides

A career as a travel guide is fun and exciting as they lead various groups of people on long distance travel and/or expeditions. Travel guides are responsible for planning and organizing all of the details of a trip, including an itinerary, transportation and accommodations. They must also handle any changes or problems that arise with the trip and travel details. Travel guides usually learn on-the-job and need a high school diploma.

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