Fun Jobs with Animals

For some, a fun job may involve observing animals while others may prefer to engage with animals directly and influence their behavior or provide them with play and exercise. This article explores a range of careers that involve working with animals.

Career Options for Fun Jobs with Animals

People who enjoy working with animals may be interested in pursuing an animal-related career field that brings them enjoyment. While each person's definition of fun may vary slightly, this article focuses on the rewarding or enjoyable aspects that may be associated with different animal-related career options.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Outlook (2016-2026)*
Groomers $29,337 (2017)** 20% (animal care and service workers)
Nonfarm Animal Caretakers $21,990 22%
Kennel Attendants $19,348 (dog kennel attendants, 2017)** 20% (animal care and service workers)
Animal Trainers $27,690 11%
Pet Sitters $29,758 (dog sitters, 2017)** 20% (animal care and service workers)
Photographers $34,070 -8%
Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists $60,520 8%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, **PayScale

Career Information for Fun Jobs with Animals


Groomers usually need to have a high school diploma or GED and learn their trade through on-the-job training from other groomers. It is also an option for them to take courses in grooming and earn voluntary certification in grooming. Groomers trim fur and cut nails. They may also bathe animals and this can be a pleasant career for those who enjoy styling fur and presenting pets in a clean and appealing manner.

Nonfarm Animal Caretakers

Nonfarm animal caretakers are the people who look after animals that are in shelters. They may also work for pet rescues and their duties involve a wide range of tasks, including looking after the basic needs of the animals, cleaning their cages, grooming them, providing them with exercise and doing paperwork. Those who are able to help find homes for animals may find this career very rewarding. It's common for employers to expect nonfarm animal caretakers to have a high school diploma or GED.

Kennel Attendants

Kennel attendants get to play with pets as part of their job, which makes this a fun career option that involves animals. They also clean the habitats and facilities used by the animals and make sure they're fed. A high school diploma or GED and the ability to work well with animals are needed to work in this field. Physical fitness may also be important since kennel attendants are also responsible for providing pets with exercise.

Animal Trainers

Animal trainers help animals learn specific desirable skills. They may work with a wide range of animals so that they are socialized and respond to commands from people and those who enjoy working with animals may find this to be an enjoyable occupation. A high school diploma is required and a bachelor's degree is necessary to work in some positions. Those who train dogs and horses typically complete private training programs or vocational studies that prepare them to train animals.

Pet Sitters

It's common for pet sitters to have a high school diploma or GED but the most important consideration is their ability to interact effectively with different types of animals. Pet sitters may be responsible for feeding and exercising animals during periods when their owner is absent. They may look after everything from the pets' daily needs to grooming pets in their care. This may be an enjoyable occupation for those who love working with animals since they will be involved with caring for a number of different pets.


Photographers can opt to specialize in specific areas of photography and some may choose to work as pet photographers. These photographers are trained to capture the best images of pets. Those who enjoy working with pets and capturing visual images may find this to be a rewarding career option. Photographers do not necessarily need any formal training although a degree in photography may increase job prospects and experience working with animals may be an asset for pet photographers.

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

Zoologists and wildlife biologists perform scientific studies related to the behavior and habitats of wild animals. They must have a bachelor's degree in zoology and wildlife biology or a comparable discipline to qualify for entry-level work in this field. Graduate studies are needed for more advanced positions. This animal-related career may appeal to those who enjoy watching wildlife for long periods of time.

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