Gold Personality Type Careers

Jan 28, 2020

The True Colors personality test offers insights into four different 'colors' of personalities. Learn about the Gold personality type and some of the jobs that people with this personality type may enjoy.

Career Options for Gold Personality Types

According to the True Colors personality test, the Gold personality type enjoys planning, organization, managing time well and making decisions. Many jobs across various fields can and do incorporate these skills. Below is a table that includes some of the jobs that may be a good fit for Gold personality types.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Top Executives $104,980 6%
Natural Sciences Managers $123,860 6%
Secretaries and Administrative Assistants $36,630 (excluding legal, medical and executive secretaries and administrative assistants) -7% (excluding legal, medical and executive)
Logisticians $74,600 5%
Personal Finance Advisors $88,890 7%
Construction Managers $93,370 10%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs for Gold Personality Types

Top Executives

A position as a top executive may be fitting for a Gold personality type, since these executives must make important decisions concerning an organization's policies and plans in order for the organization to meet its goals. These executives must also be highly organized as they plan and coordinate the operations of an organization, manage the organization's finances, negotiate contracts and monitor performance indicators. They are also responsible for finding areas for improvement and/or ways to cut costs. Top executives need at least a bachelor's degree and extensive experience in the industry.

Natural Sciences Managers

Although people who love scientific research may be more of a Green personality type, those with a Gold personality type may work their way up to a position as a natural sciences manager. These managers organize and coordinate the efforts of biologists, chemists and physicists who work together on various research projects that may be designed to test or develop new products. Natural sciences managers must carefully monitor projects to ensure that they produce results within the required timelines and budgets. They need ample amounts of work experience, a college degree in a scientific discipline, and they may hold an advanced management degree.

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

Gold personality types may thrive as secretaries or administrative assistants who use their organization and planning skills to perform a variety of administrative tasks. They maintain schedules, organize files, arrange staff meetings, edit documents and more. Depending on where they work, they may be asked to answer phones and do some bookkeeping. These professionals need at least a high school diploma, and they usually train on-the-job.


Logisticians are responsible for overseeing an organization's supply chain. This job could be ideal for a Gold personality type, since logisticians must be decisive and use their organizational skills to coordinate logistical functions of the supply chain, find ways to minimize the time it takes to deliver a product and cut costs. They identify areas for improvement and make their recommendations to management and customers to make the entire process more efficient. Logisticians need an associate's or bachelor's degree, and certification in the field is helpful.

Personal Finance Advisors

Personal finance advisors must be organized as they carefully plan financial options for their clients and help their clients make the best financial decisions possible, all of which may appeal to a Gold personality type. These advisors may help their clients choose between various investments, savings plans, insurances, mortgages and more, and answer any questions or concerns that their clients may have. This often requires them to research the various options and closely monitor their clients' accounts to see if changes need to be made. Personal finance advisors need at least a bachelor's degree, but they're likely to need a master's degree and certification for advancement.

Construction Managers

Construction managers plan and coordinate the building of various structures, and they work closely with other construction specialists, architects and engineers. This requires these managers to plan and make decisions within fairly strict budgets and timelines, which a Gold personality type excels at. These managers also comply with regulations and safety codes, coordinate the work of various construction workers and handle any issues or delays that arise. Education requirements vary from a high school diploma to a bachelor's degree, but managers typically have work experience in the field.

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