Graduate Certificate in International Business Online

Nov 11, 2019

An online graduate certificate in international business could cover topics such as marketing, accounting, and operations management. This article gives a general overview of this program and the common courses you can expect to study.

Various universities and colleges offer online graduate certificate programs in international business. Though every program is unique to the school, this article covers some of the common courses and admissions requirements.

General Information About Online Graduate Certificate Programs in International Business

With programs readily available online from a variety of sources, students who already hold a bachelor's degree can earn a graduate certificate in international business in as little as 5 months. During the program, students will learn about key aspects of international business and could cover some of the following topics.

International Financial Management

Studies in international financial management will give students a chance to learn about international reporting standards, foreign exchange markets and other instruments used in international financing. Given the nature of conducting international business, there are key differences between international and domestic rules and regulations and students could explore these differences, as well as learning about control systems and risk management strategies. Students may participate in discussions about world financial markets and how certain micro and macroeconomic factors can affect the stability of the world markets.

International Marketing

The economic, cultural, and political influence in international markets plays a major role in marketing goods and services internationally. Students could learn about international marketing strategies and techniques and how these can potentially differ from domestic marketing. Additionally, students could spend time exploring different cultures and how these can affect international marketing strategies.

Global Supply Chain Management

In international business, a key element of daily operations could be dealing with the flow of goods from one country to another. Supply chain management courses will provide students with a solid understanding of logistics planning and management, procurement and sourcing in a global setting and will allow for time to explore potential impacts on supply chains.

International Economics

There are a number of different macroeconomic factors that can affect a business and courses studying international business economics and cultures will give students a chance to learn about these and potentially uncover strategies that can help mitigate effects. Students should learn the importance of a global market system and understand factors that can impact the economy both in a positive and negative manner. The different policies and systems that are used in other countries, their economies and cultures could also be explored.

International Accounting

Accounting systems and processes in other countries and international businesses may differ when compared to domestic accounting procedures. The typical issues encountered in international accounting will generally be outlined in these classes. Students could learn about the accounting systems used internationally, and develop an understanding of the development and interpretation of financial reports that are generated internationally.

International Business Law

Businesses that have expanded internationally are governed by international business law, and so it is important for students to explore this subject and learn the differences between international and domestic policies. Students shall be briefed on the latest strategies followed by reputed firms to enter the international market. They will also be taught about the understanding of international trade policies, licensing of goods and services and the legal issues that may be encountered. Developments and new trends in the trade laws of different countries will also be examined.

Admission Requirements for Online Graduate Certificate Programs in International Business

Students are generally required to hold a bachelor's degree in business or a related field to enter this program. Some schools require working experience in a business position in an organization in addition to a 3.0 GPA, however, in certain cases schools may professional experience in lieu of other requirements. In addition to an application form, students should prepare 2-3 letters of recommendation, official transcripts from their undergraduate studies and a current resume. International students may be required to complete an English proficiency test.

There are a number of universities and colleges that offer online graduate certificate programs in international business. Students can cover a range of topics including accounting, economics and supply chain management on the global market.

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