Graduate Certificate Programs in Agriculture

Oct 31, 2019

This article covers the basic information one should know to apply for a graduate certificate program in agriculture. Specific details of the programs and application requirements will also be discussed.

Graduate certificate programs in agriculture are offered by many reputed universities. These types of programs can be the shortest and best ways of beginning a career in agriculture, for those who have some knowledge about the industry. This article will discuss the highlights of the programs and what you should do in order to graduate from one.

Agriculture-Related Graduate Certificate Programs

Most graduate certificate programs in agriculture are focused on a specific domain like sustainable agriculture, urban agriculture, aquaculture or crop science. There are also many online programs offered by various universities and colleges. Here are some examples of focus areas in related agriculture programs:

Applied Global Stability

This type of program focuses on basic and advanced issues in agriculture, sustainable agriculture and urban agriculture. It also gives an insight into the impact of agriculture on the environment and imparts knowledge regarding biofuels. The typical duration of this sort of program is 1 year. An undergraduate degree or experience in the agricultural industry is usually required for admission.

Crop Science

Concentrating on crop growing, this kind of program can equip candidates with advanced knowledge in planting, breeding and harvesting crops. It also contains information about pest management and the use of herbicides. These programs often have a flexible timeline, and a bachelor's degree is usually needed for application.

Seed Business

This kind of program can help students to become management professionals for seed and agricultural biotechnology related firms and agencies. Regulation of seed businesses, ethical aspects of biotechnology in seed development, and monitoring/developing the value of seeds will often be discussed. You can also learn about the policies involving seed trade and regulation. The duration for this variety of program is flexible, and a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution is usually required.


Agronomy deals with economical methods of agriculture. This knowledge can help students understand the scientific principles that assist with crop management, soil management, climatology, pest management and fertility. The duration of this sort of course is usually one semester. A bachelor's degree from an accredited university is typically required for this program.

General Admission Requirements for a Graduate Certificate Program in Agriculture

The admission requirements for these certificate programs are similar to applying for a master's degree in agriculture. The basic requirement is a bachelor's degree with a good GPA. For many universities, the minimum GPA is 2.8. While there is usually no requirement for entrance test scores, you can always add them to your application for better chances. Some universities that provide graduate certificate programs in agriculture might require certain prerequisite courses in the field. Having some experience in the agriculture industry may also be very helpful and can be considered as an alternative to a bachelor's degree or the prerequisite courses in some instances.

A graduate certificate program in agriculture contains specific courses and is of shorter duration when compared to a master's degree. It may be a solid choice if you are interested in starting a career in the agricultural industry or in upgrading your knowledge in a specific field.

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