Graduate Certificate Programs in Business

Oct 28, 2019

Graduate certificate programs in business can help advance your career through specializing in one area of business. Learn more about the types of business-focused graduate certificate programs, including coursework and entrance requirements.

Graduate certificate programs in business aim to broaden and improve your business skills and knowledge. Unlike master's programs in business, a certificate program only requires around 3-7 courses, depending on the program, and leads to a certificate. In this article, we will discuss the different kinds of business graduate certificate programs, including their focus, possible coursework, and entrance requirements.

Types of Business Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is all about the collection, use, and employment of data in the realm of business decision making and management. The goal of a business intelligence graduate certificate program is to increase your skills in the realm of structuring and analyzing large sets of data. These kinds of graduate certificate programs require anywhere from 3-6 courses and can be completed in an online or on-campus format, depending on the university. To earn your certificate, you could take courses in such topics as data mining, business intelligence, database design and implementation, and data visualization. Some programs could also allow you to concentrate in a subfield of business intelligence, such as predictive analytics or prescriptive analytics; however, not all programs offer concentrations.

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Business analytics is a statistics-heavy field that uses quantitative tools in order to predict and develop business strategies. Graduate certificate programs in business analytics vary in terms of required courses with some programs consisting of 3 courses and others, 5 courses. Also, some universities offer multiple formats, including online, on-campus, and hybrid programs. Possible coursework for this kind of certificate program could center on statistical analysis, business analytics applications, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

Graduate Certificate in Business Management

Another option to consider is the graduate certificate in business management, which focuses on decision methods, leadership, and strategy. This kind of graduate certificate program can often be completed in an online format. To earn your certificate in business management, you could be required to take anywhere from 4-6 courses. Your coursework could likely focus on such subjects as dynamic leadership, managing teams and people, business systems, and other topics in marketing or accounting.

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Last, you could earn a graduate certificate in the realm of business administration, which usually covers broader business concepts, such as administrative, management, and financial skills. Business administration graduate certificate programs are often offered in an online or on-campus format, depending on the university. Also, you are usually required to complete about 6 to 7 courses in total. Some possible classes you could take in this type of business program could center on economics, marketing, financial management, accounting, and operations management.

Entrance Requirements for Business Graduate Certificate Programs

To apply to a business-focused graduate certificate program, you typically need to already hold a bachelor's degree and have a GPA of at least 3.0. You also need to submit an application, transcripts, and sometimes also letters of recommendation. GMAT scores are required for some graduate certificate programs in business. International students will need to take either the TOEFL or IELTS to show English proficiency.

Graduate certificate programs in business can span the subfields of analytics, intelligence, management, and administration. Typically, these certificate programs require around 3-7 courses and focus on only one subfield of business.

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