Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Analytics

Nov 10, 2019

Business analytics is a statistics and data-driven subfield of business that analyzes and uses data to help make business decisions and create strategies. Graduate certificate programs in business analytics usually consist of a small set of courses that focus entirely on this one subfield. In this article, we will discuss some possible coursework you could take to earn a graduate certificate in business analytics as well as some common entrance requirements.

Common Coursework for Business Analytics Certificate Programs

Graduate certificate programs in business analytics typically require around 5 courses; however, some programs could require less. The required coursework varies by program as well, with some allowing you to choose electives, and depending on the university, you could earn your business analytics certificate in an online, hybrid, or on-campus format.

Database Management Systems

One possible course you may take is that of database management systems, which usually centers on different techniques and systems for managing and structuring sets of data. This course could include the study of database modeling and design techniques, relational database systems, data retrieval strategies, data administration, and data storage. You may also learn how to design databases on your own as well as how to manage them, and problem solve database issues. Last, you could learn about NoSQL, which is a non-relational type of database storage.

Data Warehousing

Similar to database management, data warehousing centers on the study of how to organize data. However, this kind of course usually takes a closer look at different analyzing tools that are used to monitor data and extract insights from that data. Some courses of this type take a wide view of data warehousing, teaching you how to plan the infrastructure of a data warehouse and how to deliver data through business intelligence applications.

Business Statistics

You could also be required to take a statistics course that focuses on how statistics can be applied to making business decisions. In this class, you could study mathematical programming, formal statistical inference, logistic regression, decision modeling, and statistical forecasting. You may also learn how to use simulations to analyze data and use Excel.

Business Analytics

A course that covers the foundations of business analytics is also usually included in a graduate certificate program. This kind of class aims to give you an overview of the key concepts of business analytics, including how data management and analytics can be used to make business decisions and strategy. Some courses will also cover modeling techniques that can be used in prescriptive and predictive analytics as well as delving into other topics, such as data preparation and querying.

Business Data Visualization

Data visualization is all about sharing data in a visual way through the use of interactive graphics, time-series graphics, and other visual means. Courses of this type usually focus on how to visually report data to help make business, accounting, and financial decisions in an accurate and fast way. Also, some courses will also involve the study of statistical computing applications that can be used within the field of data visualization.

Marketing Analytics

Last, one elective you could take is that of marketing analytics, which focuses on how data can be used to make marketing decisions and develop marketing strategies. Usually, you will study different quantitative models and applications that analyze data sets and apply that data information to a marketing context. Also, classes of this sort may teach you how to develop consumer behavior theories.

Entrance Requirements for Business Analytics Certificate Programs

Generally, business analytics graduate certificate programs require that you hold a bachelor's degree and have a GPA of at least 3.0; although, other programs may only require a GPA of 2.75. Specific programs may have further special requirements, however, such as holding a Bachelor of Science degree in the business or STEM field or having completed coursework in statistics or computer programming. Most certificate programs will not require the GRE or the GMAT, but some will require that you score in the 90th percentile on either of those tests. Last, you will likely need to submit an application, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Graduate certificate programs in business analytics typically include about 5 courses on data management, statistics, and data visualization. To apply to a program of this kind, you need a bachelor's degree.

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