Graduate Certificate Programs in Career Counseling

Dec 26, 2019

Non-degree graduate certificates in career counseling are readily available to help increase counselors' ability to advise students on important career decisions. Read on for typical graduate certificate information and requirements.

Graduate certificates in career counseling are designed to give counselors a more well-rounded education in a specific area of counseling but may not, in and of themselves, lead to licensing or certification. This is often decided on a state by state basis, and certain counties may have specific laws regarding counseling practice as well. The National Career Development Association requires applicants to hold a full masters to receive its organization's certification for career counseling; however, a graduate certificate in career counseling can give counselors the educational boost they might need.

Graduate Certificate in Career Counseling Example Courses

A graduate certificate in career counseling often requires at least 12 to 19 credit hours, with some universities requiring prerequisites. Career counseling has several facets that prospective counselors need to study, an many programs include a practicum or internship experience. These courses, such as the following, range from general elementary theory all the way to the more specific, such as workplace identity and how it affects career choice.

Workforce Counseling

Coursework in workforce counseling often explores workplace demographics, statistics, and the job marketplace. Workforce counseling classes might look at the global marketplace and how different events affect available jobs. Current trends and projection scenarios typically are explored in these courses, as well.

K-12 Career Counseling

These types of courses are most often designed to assist students in primary and secondary school in finding professions they wish to pursue. The goal of these courses may be to help counselors aid students in their development, showing them possibilities from an early age and helping to hone those possibilities as they advance in their education.

Postsecondary Career Counseling

Postsecondary career counseling courses usually focus on college students and those already in the workforce. It can involve exploring vocation rehabilitation as well. Courses in this subject area may explore a more specialized skill set and education portfolio and how it applies to the workforce.

Counseling Theory and Systems

Classes in this subject may explore fundamental theory and how the course of one's career develops over a lifespan. They may also explore special topics such as adult education or diversity in the workforce. Other topics might include computerized career counseling and the study of choice.

Admissions Counseling

Courses in admissions counseling are tailored to counselors whose job it is to get their high school students ready to apply for college. This is such an in-depth process that many graduate certificate programs in career counseling devote an entire course to just this subject. The goal is to equip guidance counselors to advise their students on how to successfully apply to college programs.

Program Admittance Requirements for a Graduate Certificate in Career Counseling

Requirements to enter a graduate certificate program in career counseling are fairly standard. There will be an online application in which the applicant will fill in all the requisite information. Applicants should expect to supply transcripts from at least a bachelor's program, resumes, and letters of recommendation as supporting documentation. Statements of purpose or personal statements are also usual parts of the application process, so it is recommended that applicants prepare several documents ahead of application, in different lengths to fit various requirements. Many graduate certificate programs require the applicant to follow the graduate admissions procedures set for all graduate students at a certain university, which includes all advanced degree programs. Because of the nature of counseling, applicants may also be asked to undergo a background check.

Graduate certificate programs in career counseling often require at least 12 to 19 credits and prepare counselors to aid people in the decision-making process related to their careers from early education forward. Career counseling graduate certificates can provide counselors with better insight into the global workforce and how to advise their mentees in making important career preparations and decisions.

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