Graduate Certificate Programs in Community College Teaching

Jan 08, 2020

Find out about graduate certificate programs in community college teaching, including number of credits, typical courses taught and admission standards common to these certificate programs.

Those looking for employment or advancement in this career could consider a graduate certificate program in community college teaching or college teaching and learning. Read on for an in-depth look at these programs, including information about courses that are often included, as well as the usual admission requirements.

Community College Teaching Graduate Certificate Program Information

Graduate certificate programs for community college teaching may be offered in the classroom or online, and requirements range from just a few classes to about 16 credits. Although some specialty classes may be offered in various content areas, most courses tend to be general in nature and directly related to teaching and learning. Ahead you will find information on courses that are commonly taught in these programs.

Principles of College Teaching

This course will introduce you to the common themes, information, competencies, and core concept areas that will be needed to study and work in this field. These courses are typically introductory, helping students build a foundation of teaching methods and philosophies for postsecondary education. Students will learn how to effectively communicate information and concepts to community college learners, and explore an overview of the field of college teaching in general.

Planning/Designing Learning Environments

Students in this course can learn how to plan for classes and design learning environments that are constructive and conducive to education. Students could explore specific theories, such as the backward design framework, to create lesson plans, set goals and expectations, and construct an overall environment to foster success. Students might also learn how to integrate technology into teaching, as well as other basics and specifics of teaching and evaluating students.

Facilitating Learning Online

As more courses at the postsecondary level move online, students can learn how to make the best use of online tools and teaching methods. They might look at the various platforms and technologies available to facilitate online learning, as well as the practices specific to online teaching to ensure that students are meeting the same educational goals as they would via in-person study. Students might also learn about other online and digital tools that facilitate learning, such as ways to supplement or replace physical textbooks, as well as online resources that can be effective in traditional and hybrid classes.

Assessing Learning

This kind of course is geared toward providing students with the tools they need to properly and adequately assess those they will teach. Students might look at different assessment strategies and how they are effective in different situations. They might explore testing methods, rubrics, and other assessment metrics and how to best implement these assessment tools for postsecondary education.

College Teaching Practicum

A practicum is common for these types of programs, wherein students will gain practical experience to prepare them for a career in community college teaching. These practicums are usually mentor programs or demonstration focused to showcase to students the routines and responsibilities of working in this field. Students will work on their individual classroom teaching skills through in-person placement, as a TA for example, or in virtual learning environments.

Typical Admission Requirements for Community College Teaching Graduate Certificate Programs

Students will need to have completed a bachelor's degree to apply. Some schools might, however, only have enrollment open to those who are also currently registered in a Ph.D. degree program at the same school, with this certificate serving as a supplemental specialty alongside the terminal degree. Schools will typically also want applicants to have around a 3.0 GPA.

To summarize, a graduate certificate in community college teaching or college teaching and learning involves several useful courses to help instruct and qualify you to teach at the college level and may offer areas of specialization. Admissions requirements are standard, but some schools might require you to be enrolled in a Ph.D. program to qualify for this certificate.

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