Graduate Certificate Programs in Gifted Education

Nov 15, 2019

A graduate certificate program in gifted education can help educators who hold at least a bachelor's degree gain the necessary skills to identify gifted students and develop a more effective curriculum for them.

Programs for a graduate certificate in gifted education usually take six months to one year to complete, and some can be done either partially or fully online. In some states, educators who complete a program may have a gifted education endorsement added to their teaching licenses. In addition, colleges might allow the credits earned for the certificate to be applied toward a master's degree in education.

Courses Typically in a Gifted Education Graduate Certificate Program

Although colleges that offer graduate certificates in gifted education have unique programs, there are some similarities among the required coursework. Read the following to learn about courses that might be part of a program.

Introduction to Gifted Education

This course might focus on what it means to be a gifted learner as well as current research about those with exceptional intellectual ability. Procedures on how to identify gifted children also may be covered. Also, gifted programs that are used in the modern school system might be reviewed.

Identifying Gifted Students

Types of formal and informal methods used to determine if a student is gifted might be explored in this course with a focus on cultural and population awareness. Research studies and theories on intelligence are often discussed. The course also may include information on how to collect data to evaluate gifted programs.

Developing Gifted Education Curriculum

Instruction may be given on how to create a curriculum for gifted learners as well as how to integrate accelerated curriculum into a general education classroom. Methods on how to modify the existing curriculum to meet the needs of gifted students might be analyzed. The course also may include ways to develop a school-wide gifted education program.

Developing Creativity in Gifted Learners

In this course, the creative process and research on creative people is typically examined. Methods of assessing creativity also might be included. Students have a chance to understand the biological, environmental, and motivational factors that can influence creativity.

Differentiation in the Classroom

Strategies for individualizing instruction might be reviewed in this course, including ways to make curriculum more complex for gifted learners. It also may cover how to best group students in a classroom for successful learning. Meeting the educational needs of gifted sub-groups, including females, minorities, and those with learning disabilities, may be discussed as well.

Strategies for Counseling Gifted Students

This course might focus on ways to help with common problems often associated with gifted learners, such as alienation, perfectionism, and stress. Coursework typically touches on how to communicate with parents of gifted students. Also, the course might examine strategies to keep gifted students interested in learning.

Admission Requirements for a Gifted Education Graduate Certificate Program

Graduate certificate programs in gifted education typically require applicants to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and, depending on the school, a minimum grade point average on undergraduate coursework. In addition to an application, which often can be completed online, colleges usually require transcripts documenting the undergraduate degree. Some colleges also might request letters of recommendation and a resume. A graduate school examination is generally not needed for admission to a program.

In one year or less, educators who have a bachelor's degree can earn a graduate certificate in gifted education to develop skills in evaluating gifted learners and creating an accelerated curriculum for them. Students usually take courses in identifying gifted students, assessing gifted programs in schoosl and developing curriculum for special students.

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