Graduate Certificate Programs in Innovation Management

Nov 30, 2019

If you want to expand your business skills in technology and innovation, consider a graduate certificate in innovation management. Learn about the common coursework and entrance information for innovation management certificate programs.

Innovation management is a business-related field of study that primarily focuses on how to develop innovative ideas and products, how to manage highly-creative teams, and how to build high-tech companies. Graduate certificate programs in innovation management require that you complete a set number of courses that center on a range of business and innovation topics. In this article, we will explore some of the common classes you could take in a graduate certificate in innovation management program as well as some common admittance requirements.

Common Graduate Certificate in Innovation Management Coursework

While the exact number of courses needed to complete a graduate certificate program in innovation management varies by program, you can expect to take around 4-6 total classes in order to earn your certificate. Also, your exact coursework will depend on your chosen program; however, below, you will find some common topics and subjects that generally make up the curriculum of innovation management graduate certificate programs.

Design Thinking and Innovation

First, it's possible that you will take a class that explores the discipline of innovation in the business world. This is usually a wide-ranging course that looks at how organizations can use and develop new technologies and how to build an organization that fosters and practices innovation. You might also study the industry and environment drivers of technology, issues surrounding adopting new tech, and the challenges of leading an innovation-driven business.

New Product Development

New product development is a topic that focuses on all aspects of the development process when it comes to transforming ideas into a product. In a class of this kind, you could study the techniques and methods for developing products, touching on everything from research to market testing. You could also study how to generate ideas and evaluate those ideas, how to develop a concept further, and how to test your idea or product for viability.

Leadership Concepts

You might also take a course that aims to develop your leadership and management skills in an organizational context. These types of courses could teach you how to build effective teams and manage individuals within an organization in order to meet business objectives. Some courses might also require self-examination in terms of your own leadership qualities.

Law and Legal Theory of Entrepreneurship

A course that focuses on various legal issues in the entrepreneurship and business environment is also usually included in an innovation management curriculum. In this course, you could examine such topics as contract law, intellectual property law, bankruptcy, torts and liability, employment and labor law, and international law. Some courses also focus on the legal aspects of starting a business, including incorporation, liability partnerships, and sole proprietorship.

Marketing and Innovation

Last, you may take a course that centers on marketing concepts and theories in the context of innovation and a high technology environment. A course of this kind could teach you how to develop a marketing plan that takes into account pricing strategy, customer needs, outside forces, and promotional activities. You could also learn how to market to different entities, including governments, industries, and institutions, as well as how to develop strategic partnerships with other entities for marketing opportunities.

Admittance Requirements for Graduate Certificate in Innovation Management Programs

First, to apply to a graduate certificate in innovation management program, you must already hold a bachelor's degree. You must submit an application and your transcripts. Some programs, but not all, could also require a resume, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Last, if you are an international student, you may be required to prove English language proficiency by providing test scores for TOEFL or another exam.

Graduate certificate programs in innovation management could require anywhere from 4-6 classes. Your coursework could include classes on such topics as design thinking, business law, marketing, and new product development.

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