Graduate Certificate Programs in Statistics Online

Nov 09, 2019

An online graduate certificate program in statistics is designed to help the student learn statistical methods and principles. The application of these concepts to analyze real world data is also part of the curriculum.

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This article gives you a general overview of an online graduate certificate program in applied statistics. The structure of the program and a brief description of some of the courses is also highlighted in the following sections.

Graduate Certificate Program in Statistics Online - General Information

Usually, an online graduate certificate program in statistics contains a minimum of 4 courses. Students may study two mandatory courses and choose the rest from a list of electives provided by the school. Here are some of the general courses you could expect in this program:

Regression Methods

Generally, students will get to learn simple and multiple regression methods such as step-wise, piece-wise and logistic regression. The correlation of data, polynomial models and indicator variables could also be explained. Non-linear and curvilinear regression methods, diagnostics, transformations and analysis of covariance can also be part of this course.

Introduction to Statistical Methods

The basic statistical methods used to analyze data based on quantities could be taught in this course. Students might learn the statistical methods and principles theoretically with practical application as well. Hands-on experience with statistical software could be part of this course. While basic calculations shall be taught, calculus and other advanced mathematical methods are usually not part of this course.

Introduction to Survey Sampling

The formulation of survey questionnaire, collection of data and application of the results obtained shall be the objective of this course. It may also contain an overview of the sampling methods such as simple, random, systematic, and stratified sampling. A hands-on approach to the practical application of sampling and its use in real-life scenarios could be taught. Quantitative and Analytical methods used for survey data may also be discussed.

Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

An overview of the mathematical methods and processes used in the computation of statistical data is often covered. Distribution of mean and variance, formulae and other theoretical principles could be studied. Estimation methods and hypotheses may also be taught with respect to statistics.

Experimental Design

The planning, design and execution of experiments used to collect statistical data for a specific project may be discussed. The practical approach to the design and possible problems encountered in the process could be a part of the course. Students may also learn about the tools used to design experiments and the analysis of the collected data.

General Admission Requirements for a Graduate Certificate Program in Statistics Online

A minimum requirement for an individual to apply for a graduate certificate program in statistics online is a bachelor's degree already earned, or in-process, from a recognized institution. In some cases, a post-secondary degree that can qualify as a bachelor's can also be used as an alternative for application to the program. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is typically required. Professional experience in the same or related fields may be considered. No entrance test scores are commonly required, but the applicant should be proficient in the English language.

An online graduate certificate program in statistics typically requires completion of at least 12 credits. Common courses include survey sampling, statistical methods, and experimental design.

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