Guide to Online High School for Iowa Students

Oct 10, 2018

There are a number of online high school programs available for students who live in Iowa. This article seeks to explore these programs in greater detail by covering characteristics about these programs and high school graduation requirements in Iowa.

Students who are interested in attending online high school in the state of Iowa have a variety of options to choose from. In the table and paragraphs below, we will learn about some of these options in greater detail and what students in Iowa must do in order to graduate from high school.

Online High Schools in Iowa

The following five schools are all online high school options available to students in Iowa. The table outlines some details about the schools, like whether they are public or private and any special characteristics about their programs.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Regular teacher office hours, online video lessons, transferable college credit
Iowa Connections Academy Public Honors and Advanced Placement courses, large variety of courses, SAT and ACT preparation courses, extracurricular activities and student clubs
Iowa Virtual Academy Public Core courses offered at multiple levels, honors and Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment options
K12 International Academy Private Destinations Career Program, honors and Advanced Placement courses, large course catalog, SAT and SAT preparation
Alpha Omega Academy Private Individualized learning plan, large catalog of electives, regional and virtual graduation ceremony options

Source: School Websites

Description of Online High Schools in Iowa

The decision to forego a traditional high school education in order to enroll in an online program may require students and their parents to take a number of factors into consideration. First, it is important to recognize that online programs generally may require more initiative and independence on behalf of the student, as there may not be strict deadlines or attendance requirements in these programs. This means that students will need to be disciplined and practice good time management in order to complete their courses and be successful as online students. That said, these programs also offer a great deal of flexibility, allowing students the opportunity to devote their time to other interests and extracurricular activities. The following five programs are all online high school options in Iowa.

View High School

One option for students who are looking for an online high school program is View High School, a private school that is available to students from all over the United States, including Iowa. VHS provides their students with a high level of support by ensuring that course instructors keep regularly scheduled office hours during which students can seek help or clarification as they move through the course content. VHS also delivers their courses through an online platform that primarily uses video lessons and other interactive features to engage students in the lessons. Students also may have the opportunity to transfer some of the credit they earn while enrolled at VHS into college credit, depending on what courses they take and where they decide to attend university.

Iowa Connections Academy

Iowa Connections Academy is a public online high school program that offers students a great deal of choice when it comes to selecting courses, as they have a very large course catalog. Students can select from honors and Advanced Placement courses in many different subjects and choose from a wide variety of elective courses that cover topics like foreign language, career preparedness, and technology. Iowa Connections Academy also provides students with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, like the College Planning Club or the Debate Club. Students who have post-secondary education plans can also take SAT and ACT preparation courses through this school and receive guidance when preparing college applications.

Iowa Virtual Academy

Another online public school option for students in Iowa is Iowa Virtual Academy. This program offers all of the core curriculum subjects of mathematics, science, history, and language arts at a variety of achievement levels - core, comprehensive, honors, and Advanced Placement. This allows the school to accommodate for different types of students, as well as those who need to be challenged more in some subjects while they may need extra help in others. Students in this program can also enroll in college-level courses through local colleges and universities in order to earn dual credit.

K12 International Academy

K12 International Academy is a private online high school program available to high school level students from around the world, including those who live in Iowa. Through their unique Destinations Career Program, students take career aptitude tests and work with counselors to identify their interests. Then students are able to enroll in elective courses within a career pathway and have the opportunity to earn career certifications following the completion of these courses. In addition, K12 International Academy has a very large selection of courses to choose from and also provides students with career and college counseling, which includes ACT and SAT preparation.

Alpha Omega Academy

Alpha Omega Academy is another private online high school program offered to students in Iowa. Students who enroll at this school will work with enrollment staff to develop their own personalized learning plan. Because it is a Christian-affiliated private school, students in this program will be required to take Bible courses in addition to core curriculum courses and other electives. Alpha Omega Academy allows students to choose from a wide variety of course options, including electives like music theory, business law, and software development tools. This school also gives students the choice of participating in an online graduate ceremony or a more traditional cap and gown in-person graduation.

Iowa Graduation Requirements for Online High Schools

Students who enroll in online public schools in the state of Iowa will still need to fulfill the requirements for high school graduation as set by the state of Iowa's education department. This means that students will need to complete four years of English or language arts, three years of science, three years of mathematics, and three years of history and social studies. Iowa leaves it up to local public schools to then determine how many additional credits are needed for graduation, so students should research the programs they are interested in to check these requirements.

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