Guide to Online High Schools in Arkansas

Apr 30, 2018

There are a number of online high schools in the state of Arkansas from which parents and students can choose. This article will explore these schools by focusing on course offerings, graduation requirements, and unique qualities about each.

Parents and students in Arkansas who are seeking alternative education options may be interested in online high schools. There are a number of online high schools available in the state of Arkansas, all of which have different features that we will discuss in greater detail below.

Online High Schools in Arkansas

Online high schools in Arkansas are available to students residing in the state. Choosing the right option may be a challenge, as each is different and some may be a better fit for some students than others. The table below outlines some of the basic details and features of these schools.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Ability to earn credit for some college courses
Arkansas Virtual Academy Public Extracurricular clubs, wide variety of courses, courses of gifted and talented students, Individualized Learning Plans
Arkansas Connections Academy Public Honors and AP courses, career technical courses, college planning club
River Valley Virtual Academy Public Gifted and Talented program, 1:1 teacher student study sessions, real-time student support
K12 International Academy Public Destinations Career Program, wide variety of courses, online clubs and field trips

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Description of Online Schools for Arkansas Students

Selecting which online high school school is right for a student could be a key factor in their academic success. There are a number of factors worth taking into consideration when making this choice, like course offerings and curriculum, accreditation, flexibility and pacing, and whether the school is private or public. We will look at the above five schools in greater detail below.

View High School

View High School is a virtual high school that is open to students from all over the United States, including Arkansas. View High school is a private school that allows students to take individual courses or sign up for plans in increments of three, six, or twelve months. This may be ideal for students who are in need of a very flexible schedule, as students also work with their instructors to set up schedules that allow them to complete their courses at different paces. View High School offers enough core courses in English, math, science, and history that would allow students in Arkansas to qualify for graduation.

Arkansas Virtual Academy

Arkansas Virtual Academy is an online public charter school open to students who reside in the state of Arkansas. Each student who enrolls at Arkansas Virtual Academy will receive an Individualized Learning Plan, which takes into account the student's educational and academic goals, learning style, and career goals. Students can select from a wide variety of courses in all of the core subjects allowing them to meet the requirements for graduation by Arkansas state law. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and activities, both in a virtual format and in regular in-person events that allow them to meet other students and teachers.

Arkansas Connections Academy

Arkansas Connections Academy is another tuition-free public online school option for students living in Arkansas. At Arkansas Connections Academy, high-achieving students have the opportunity to enroll in a wide number of honors and Advanced Placement courses, giving them the opportunity to earn credit for college. This program also offers career and technology-oriented courses for students who are ready to gain skills in their future career path or for those students who want to explore the options available to them. Beyond academics, students at Arkansas Connections Academy can participate in a number of different clubs, like the college planning club, in order to build community and get to know other students.

River Valley Virtual Academy

Another option for students in Arkansas is River Valley Virtual Academy, a tuition-free public school open to students across the state. Students can select from a wide variety of core courses in language arts, math, science, and history, as well as electives in topics like Chinese, entrepreneurship, and exploring music. They also offer Gifted and Talented courses, designed for academically advanced students. Students enrolled at River Valley have the opportunity to meet with teachers in-person once a week if they choose too; otherwise they can reach them via email or phone and can complete courses at their own pace.

K12 International Academy

K12 International Academy is a private online school open to students who live in all areas of the world, so students residing in Arkansas would qualify for admission. K12 International Academy has slightly higher academic standards for its students, as all students are required to take four credits of English, four credits of mathematics, four credits of science, four credits of history, two credits of the same world language, and one credit of health and fitness, which is a greater number of courses than is required for graduation in Arkansas. In addition to core courses, students can select from a wide variety of electives like sports and entertainment marketing, web design, archaeology, music appreciation, and astronomy. Students can also participate in the Destinations Career Program, which allows them to take career aptitude tests, learn new job skills, and receive career-readiness certification in various career areas.

State Regulations for Online Schools in Arkansas

Like any traditional high school in Arkansas, online high schools and the students who attend them must abide by state education regulations. Students who want to graduate high school in Arkansas are required by law to have taken four credits of English, four credits of mathematics, three credits of science, three credits of social studies and history, and half a credit of all of the following subjects: oral communications, physical education, economics, health and safety, and fine arts. In addition, students have to complete six credits of career-focused courses in order to be eligible for graduation.

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