Guide to Online High School in Maryland

Feb 15, 2019

Maryland students considering online high school will likely want to explore what options are available to them in their state before deciding whether this path is right for them. This article will provide information to help them make this decision by focusing on five available programs.

Students living in the state of Maryland who are interested in pursuing their high school education online can do so by enrolling in an online high school program. This article will outline several of the options that are available to Maryland students by highlighting details about each program as well as general information about online education at the high school level in Maryland.

Guide to Online High Schools in Maryland

In the table below, we will look at five online high school programs available to students who live in Maryland. The table covers some of the unique characteristics about each program and whether it is a private or public school option.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Regular instructor office hours, interactive content and video lessons, dual high school and college enrollment options, flexible scheduling and course plans
Stanford Online High School Private AP and other advanced coursework, online student clubs and organizations, in-person student meet-up opportunities,
International Connections Academy Private AP and honors coursework, academic and career counseling, personalized learning plans for every student, college planning club
K12 International Academy Private Destinations Career Program, summer school options, college and career counseling
Laurel Springs School Private Coursework and instruction based on student learning style, Gifted & Talented Academy, AP and honors courses, National Honor Society

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Description of Online High Schools in Maryland

Online high school may be an attractive option to students for many reasons. If they are heavily involved in extracurricular activities, the flexibility of these programs may allow them to devote more time to pursuing their interests outside of school, as may be the case for student athletes. Some students may also find they prefer a nontraditional learning environment in which they can set their own pace, allowing them to spend more time on lessons if necessary or be able to move through material more quickly if they understand it. However, it is important for prospective online students to consider that pursuing high school online will generally require more personal responsibility and an ability to work autonomously or under the supervision of a parent. Below, we will look at the five schools mentioned in the table above in greater detail to help Maryland students determine which program is right for them.

View High School

Based in California but open to students from around the country, View High School is a fully-accredited private online high school. View High School offers students the ability to complete their coursework at their own pace, which they access through an online learning platform where lessons are interactive and often involve videos. Students can work through the courses on their own or reach out to their instructors as necessary for help during their regularly scheduled office hours. College-bound students who would like to get a jumpstart on earning college credit are able to do so through some of View's dual-enrollment options.

Stanford Online High School

Offered by one of the most prestigious universities in the country, Stanford Online High School is a private college preparatory school that is open to students around the country. Students who enroll in this program have a wide number of courses to choose from, which are either categorized in the school's core curriculum or as elective courses. In addition to Advanced Placement courses, Stanford Online High School also offers other advanced coursework offered at a higher level than AP courses, designed for high-achieving students. Beyond academics, students can join online clubs and organizations like the astronomy club or the robotics club. They also have the option of meeting their classmates through regularly scheduled in-person meetups at 15 different worldwide locations.

International Connections Academy

International Connections Academy is another private online high school option for students in Maryland. This program offers students a great amount of choice in terms of course options, which include a wide number of career and technical electives, as well as honors and AP courses. Through the school's LiveLesson technology, enrolled students can participate in various live elements of their courses, in addition to being able to complete coursework at their own pace. At the time of enrollment, students work with counselors and teachings to develop a personalized plan for their studies, depending on their interests, goals and academic level. There are a number of opportunities for student engagement as well, including student clubs like the college planning club. Career and college counselors are also available to help students navigate their high school experience and plan for college.

K12 International Academy

Another possibility for students in Maryland seeking online high school options is K12 International Academy. One of K12's unique attributes is their Destinations Career Program. Through this program, enrolled students take various aptitude and career placement tests to determine what their natural skills are and identify possible future career paths. Students can explore these options through elective courses, some of which prepare students for various professional certifications following their completion. Additionally, K12 offers a summer school program for students who would like to expedite their education or for those who are possibly behind. The school also connects students with counselors who can provide assistance and resources for students who may be struggling and need college advice or academic assistance.

Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs School is an accredited online private school that offers students a wide variety of elective courses to choose from, in addition to a robust curriculum that includes AP courses. Some elective options are forensic science, anthropology and photography, allowing students to pursue their interests and explore possible career paths. Students also have the opportunity to participate in National Honor Society if they are eligible. In terms of other extracurricular activities, students can join online clubs like art club, French club and the foodie club, as well as attend various in-person events if they are able.

Regulations for Online High Schools in Maryland

While there are options for students to take online courses through the public-school system or as homeschoolers in Maryland, there are not currently any public fully online high school programs based in Maryland that would be required to abide by the general standards set by the Maryland Department of Education. All five of the schools listed above are accredited private schools and must fulfill the requirements as set by their accrediting body. Students interested in online high school will likely want to make sure that the program they want to enroll in will adequately prepare them for further study at the collegiate level and fulfill college admittance requirements.

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