Guide to Online High School in North Dakota

Jan 31, 2019

There are a few different options for students in North Dakota who are interested in attending an online high school program. This article explores five of those options in greater detail.

Students in North Dakota who are interested in enrolling in an online high school program may want to learn more about which types of programs are available to them. Below, we will look at five online high school programs that students in North Dakota are eligible for by highlighting what each program offers students and any unique features about the programs.

Guide to Online High Schools in North Dakota

Below, the table lists five online high school programs that operate in North Dakota. A few features and attributes that are unique to each program are mentioned and will be explored in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Flexible scheduling and course plans, regular instructor office hours, interactive content through video lessons, dual high school and college credit options
North Dakota Center for Distance Education Public Summer school options, credit recovery courses, AP courses, large course catalog
Stanford Online High School Private Variety of advanced coursework options (including AP), virtual student clubs and organizations, college counseling, optional in-person student activities
K12 International Academy Private Destinations Career Program, AP courses, large number of elective courses
The Keystone School Private Large catalog of courses, AP courses, credit recovery program, Student Services Team

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Description of Online High Schools in North Dakota

There are a variety of factors that students and their parents will likely want to take into consideration when deciding whether online high school is the right choice. While online high school programs may still have deadlines that students must follow, there is generally a much greater degree of flexibility in these programs, which requires students to keep up with their work without the constant guidance of an in-person instructor. This may be ideal for responsible students and for those who may be heavily involved in extracurricular activities that require a flexible schedule, but could also be challenging for students who require more feedback. Parents may also want to keep in mind that online high school programs could entail greater parental involvement, depending on the program and the nature of the student. Below, we will look at the five schools mentioned above in greater detail.

View High School

View High School is an online high school option based in California, but available to students from all over the United States, including North Dakota. Students at this school are able to access their courses through View's online video learning platform, which incorporates a variety of interactive elements to keep students engaged. If students encounter any problems or have questions, they are able to reach out to teachers during their regularly scheduled office hours. View also provides coursework that students can choose to enroll in both for high school and college credit, allowing them to make the most of their time.

North Dakota Center for Distance Education

The North Dakota Center for Distance Education is the only online option for students that is based in North Dakota. Students are able to earn high school diplomas here, but have to enroll in the program through another school, like their area public school or as a home-school student. This program offers credit recovery options, AP coursework, and a variety of electives in art, music, and foreign languages, as well as some career technical education credits. The program also offers summer school options, potentially allowing students to expedite their high school education or catch up if they are behind.

Stanford Online High School

Another online private school option that may be a good choice for academically high-achieving students is Stanford Online High School, which is affiliated with Stanford University. At this school, students have a large number of advanced courses to choose from, which includes Advanced Placement courses in addition to courses that are taught at a level beyond that of AP coursework in all subject areas. The school provides its students access to both guidance and college counselors, which are intended to help students work through any challenges they are facing as well as navigate the college application process. Students can also participate in a number of virtual clubs in order to socialize with other students.

K12 International Academy

K12 International Academy is an online high school program that is available to students from around the world, including those that live in North Dakota. This school is unique in that it offers the Destinations Career Program, which is designed to help students explore career paths that are well-suited to their skills and interests. Students take various aptitude tests to identify a career area and then enroll in specific coursework pathways that provide students with information and practical skills that could be applied to these career areas. Additionally, students can choose from a large number of courses, including elective courses, AP courses, and career technical electives.

The Keystone School

The Keystone School is another private online high school program that may be of interest to students in North Dakota. Students who enroll in this program will benefit from having access to many different courses, which are suited to both high-achieving students as well as students who need to work at a slower pace or retake courses they previously failed, through the credit recovery courses. Additionally, the Keystone School provides students with Student Success advisors and guidance counselors to help them be successful as an online student and in their pursuits following graduation. Courses at this school are delivered through an online platform and are designed to be very interactive in order to keep students interested.

Regulations for Online High Schools in North Dakota

Students who are interested in achieving a high school diploma in North Dakota will need to make sure they fulfill the appropriate requirements. Private online high schools generally set graduation requirements according to the state in which they are located or by following the general requirements for university admission. Students who decide to enroll at NDCDE will need to fulfill the requirements set by the North Dakota Department of Education. This includes four units of English and language arts, three units of mathematics, three units of science, three units of social studies, one unit of physical education (or half a unit of physical education and half a unit of health), three units of foreign languages, technical education or fine arts courses, and five additional credits.

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