Guide to Online High School in Utah

Jan 30, 2019

Students interested in enrolling in an online high school program in Utah can do so at a number of different online schools and programs. This article covers a few of these options in greater detail to help students determine which program best suits their interests.

There are a number of online high school programs that are available to students in the state of Utah. Choosing among these programs may be made easier if students are equipped with details about each school, which this article aims to provide by covering five different programs and discussing unique characteristics about each.

Guide to Online High Schools in Utah

In the table below, five different online high school programs that are available to students in Utah will be briefly highlighted. These schools will then be explored in greater depth in the following paragraphs.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Flexible scheduling and course plans, regular instructor office hours, interactive content through video lessons, dual high school and college credit options
Utah Online School Public ACT preparatory courses, math tutoring, AP courses, dual high school and college credit options, counseling services
Utah Connections Academy Public Honors and AP courses, College Planning Club, variety of student club options, college counseling, live classroom environment opportunities
Mountain Heights Academy Public School-issued laptops, in-person extracurricular activity opportunities, student clubs and organizations, AP and advanced courses
Utah Virtual Academy Public Individualized Learning Plans, Destinations Career Program, in-person student activities, student clubs

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Description of Online High Schools in Utah

The decision to enroll in an online high school requires some thought and careful consideration, as there are a number of differences between online school and traditional high school. Students and their parents will likely want to be aware of how the program they choose is structured, as some programs allow students a great deal of flexibility while others follow a schedule with regular deadlines and due dates, more akin to traditional school programs. Depending on a student's work ethic and personal responsibility, as well as the amount of involvement a parent wishes to have, one of these styles will likely work better for certain students more than others. Below, we will look at some details about the structure and curricula of the five schools mentioned above, as well as any other details that prospective students may find pertinent.

View High School

View High School is a fully-accredited private online high school option that is available to students around the country, though it is based in California. Students who enroll in this program can complete their entire high school education on their own self-paced schedule. Lessons are interactive and delivered through View's online learning platform. While students have a high level of autonomy in this program, instructors set daily office hours during which students can contact them if they are having trouble with a particular concept or need other guidance. Additionally, students are able to earn dual enrollment credit for some courses at View, allowing them to get a jumpstart on a college degree.

Utah Online School

Utah Online School is an online public school option available to students in Utah and it currently enrolls more than 4,000 students. Students at Utah Online can select from a variety of course options in the core subject areas of English, math, social studies, and science, in addition to a wide variety of electives and career technical courses. Additionally, students have the opportunity to enroll concurrently through Dixie State University and can choose from 12 courses in which they could earn high school and college credit at the same time. The school also offers students counseling in regard to course selection and college readiness.

Utah Connections Academy

Another online public school option is Utah Connections Academy. This program offers a very large course catalog for students to select their curriculum from, which includes many honors and AP courses. While the program is flexible and much of the coursework can be done according to the student's schedule, Utah Connections Academy also has some live classroom elements incorporated into their curriculum, which replicates the student-teacher interaction that students would normally get in a traditional school. Beyond academics, students can also participate in a number of student clubs and activities. The school also is devoted to its college-bound students, offering a College Planning Club in addition to college counseling services.

Mountain Heights Academy

Mountain Heights Academy may be another online high school program of interest to students in Utah. Students in this program can choose from many different course options, including honors and AP courses, as well as electives in foreign languages and fine arts. The school issues each of its students a laptop to use throughout the school year to ensure they have the most up-to-date technology necessary to progress through the courses. Teachers work closely with their students to individualize classwork and are available during their regularly scheduled office hours. Outside of academics, students can participate in virtual student clubs or choose to attend the various in-person events the school organizes for students, like dances and field trips.

Utah Virtual Academy

Powered by the national K12 virtual learning system, Utah Virtual Academy is another public school option for students in Utah who are interested in online high school. When students begin this school, they will be in touch with a counselor who will learn about their learning goals and academic abilities in order to set them up with Individualized Learning Plans. Students can also gain helpful career skills and learn about their natural strengths through the Destinations Career Program, which involves taking career aptitude tests and then enrolling in related career-oriented technical elective courses. In addition to focusing on courses and career readiness, this program also encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities, like clubs, and attend in-person student recreational activities.

Regulations for Online High Schools in Utah

In order to graduate from a public online high school in Utah, students are still required to fulfill the same requirements as if they were graduating from a traditional high school. This includes completing four credits of English or language arts, three credits of mathematics, three credits of science, and three credits of history or social studies. Additionally, students must complete two credits of physical education and health, three credits of fine arts and technology, and eight additional elective courses in order to graduate with a Utah high school diploma.

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