High-Paying, Low-Stress Jobs for Introverts

Jan 28, 2020

It is a common misconception that all high-paying jobs must be stressful and best for extroverts. Discover some of the highest-paying, low-stress jobs for introvert personalities.

High-Paying, Low-Stress Career Options for Introverts

Those with introverted personality traits seeking work in a low-stress environment can find many high-paying positions. The introverted personality type can be characterized by a preference for independent tasks and interaction with smaller groups rather than larger groups. Introverts also typically lean towards a reserved communication style. High-paying careers are those significantly above the national median salary of $38,640 for all occupations as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Computer and Information Research Scientists $118,370 16%
Electronics Engineers $102,700 -1% (decline)
Software Developers $105,590 21%
Atmospheric Scientists $94,110 (for atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists) 8% (for atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists)
Technical Writers $71,850 8%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

High-Paying, Low-Stress Career Information for Introverts

Computer and Information Research Scientists

After earning a relevant master's degree, computer and information research scientists work across many fields to improve existing software, solve computing problems, and invent new elements that help make computing easier and more efficient. The current median salary for this position is $118,370, which is just over three times the national median salary for all occupations. The job duties of a computer and information research scientist are generally able to be completed in a reflective and independent manner, which is characteristic of how introverts prefer to work. In addition to the quiet and reflective tasks that are core to this role, most computer and information research scientists do not regularly have to work long hours (long hours being 40 or more hours), which is generally accepted as reducing job stress.

Electronics Engineers

Introverts who are skilled in working with electronics, and who have earned a qualifying bachelor's degree, should consider a lucrative career as an electronics engineer. These engineers work to build, test, monitor, and design maintenance instructions for software and electronic components. The core job tasks (e.g. writing maintenance instructions) are able to be completed independently or while working in small teams, making the job a proper fit for introverts. While the job duties require a high degree of expertise, the work performed involves processes that are not fast-paced or intense, which helps create a low-stress environment.

Software Developers

One ultra high-paying career path that requires a related bachelor's degree is that of a software developer. Software developers build computer programs that are designed for a variety of applications. The nature of the work is ideal for those who prefer to be reflective and work independently (or on small teams), which makes this another exceptional career choice for introverts. Independently building computer programs can frequently be completed from a comfortable location of choice and is not often a fast-paced process, which are two factors that help make this position low-stress.

Atmospheric Scientists

Individuals who are looking to pursue (or who have already earned) a bachelor's degree in meteorology or earth sciences should explore the possibility of working in the high-paying position of an atmospheric scientist. While their job duties can vary depending on their individual expertise, all atmospheric scientists observe, measure, and analyze various aspects of weather. The introspective nature of the work of an atmospheric scientist (e.g. research and analysis) make it ideal for introverts. The routine tasks performed by atmospheric scientists (i.e. duties that do not involve intense pressure) help create a low-stress environment.

Technical Writers

Those who have earned a bachelor's degree in communications, English, or a related field will find excellent pay and low stress working as technical writers. These writers create easy-to-understand instruction manuals, FAQ pages, and how-to manuals from the technical information they are provided. Because the bulk of the work performed in this position (e.g. writing) requires reflection and independent work, self-described introverts are sure to love this choice. Since technical writers can often work a freelance schedule that best fits their life (which helps achieve work-life balance), and because the job duties do not involve high-pressure situations, this position is also relatively low stress. These professionals earned a median salary of $71,850 per year as of 2018, almost double the national median salary for all occupations the same year.

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