High Paying Management Jobs

Jan 19, 2020

Career Options for High Paying Management Jobs

In almost all industries, there are management positions. While duties and responsibilities of managers vary depending on the industry they work in, all managers are generally in charge of supervising a staff of people, setting goals for their department or organization, and strategizing on how to meet those goals. Many management positions are high paying, as managers often need to have several years to work experience in their industry before being eligible for management position. Below, we will look at six different management positions that are high paying.

Job Title Average Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Computer and Information Systems Manager $142,530 11%
Compensation/Benefits Manger $121,010 3%
Architectural and Engineering Manager $140,760 3%
Financial Manager $127,990 16%
Human Resources Manager $113,300 7%
Sales Manager $124,220 5%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for High Paying Management Jobs

Computer and Information Systems Manager

As a computer and information systems manager, you will be responsible for directing and overseeing all the computing needs and activities of your company or organization. This may include deciding when it is necessary to upgrade software and equipment, making sure all equipment is properly maintained, putting proper security measures in place, and managing all the computer and IT staff. You generally will need either a bachelor's or master's degree in computer or information science, as well as relevant work experience. These professionals made a median salary of $142,530 in 2018, while some made more than $208,000.

Compensation/Benefits Manager

Compensation managers are typically responsible for creating and managing the pay structure in an organization, which includes making sure their salaries are competitive in comparison to similar companies. Benefits managers oversee the benefits program at a company, which includes insurance plans, retirement, and vacation policies. In most large organizations, compensation and benefits managers are separate positions, though some companies may hire one individual to perform both roles. To qualify for this job, you will need a bachelor's degree in a field like human resources or business administration. You will also need work experience in a related field. The median salary for these professionals in 2018 was $121,010. The top ten percent of the field made more than $205,470.

Architectural and Engineering Manager

The architectural and engineering manager oversees all of the projects that an architectural or engineering firm undertakes. They help in the planning and design process, propose budgets for projects, and make sure the architects and engineers they are supervising are producing quality and sound work. These managers are also responsible for coordinating the efforts of their department with other departments, like finance and marketing. These professionals generally have at least a bachelor's degree in engineering or a professional architecture degree, along with work experience in the field. In 2018, these managers made a median salary of $140,760, while some made more than $208,000.

Financial Managers

Regardless of the industry or field, all organizations must be in good financial health in order to continue their operations. This is where financial managers come in. They are responsible for making sure their company or organization is making smart financial decisions regarding their expenditures versus income, investments, and overall budgeting. There are various types of financial managers that perform specific tasks, like controllers, treasurers, and insurance managers. To become a financial manager, you will need a bachelor's degree in a field like finance, accounting, or economics along with at least five years of experience. Financial managers in 2018 made a median salary of $127,990. The top ten percent made more than $208,000.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources (HR) managers perform many different duties, as they are in charge of all the administrative tasks of an organization. This includes managing the recruitment and hiring of new employees, overseeing employee benefit programs, and handling any workplace disputes. HR managers usually need a bachelor's degree in human resources, though their degree could also be in an area like management or finance, along with several years of work experience. These managers made $113,300 in 2018, but some made more than $201,380.

Sales Manager

Sales managers are in charge of managing sales representatives, setting goals and targets for sales, training new employees, and generally directing all sales-related activities in an organization. These professionals may work in business-to-business sales or business-to-consumer sales. Usually sales managers have a bachelor's degree along with work experience as a sales representative. They have the potential to make more than $208,000 per year, though the median salary for sales managers in 2018 was $124,220.

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