High Paying Security Jobs for Veterans

Mar 18, 2018

Careers in security are booming. Veterans may be well-placed and trained to take advantage of high paying opportunities. Discover security jobs for veterans.

Veterans will find security jobs that fit their skills sets and training in personal security and information security, as well as in law enforcement. Below are high paying security jobs for veterans.

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Career Comparison

Job Title Median Wage (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Military Skills/Traits
Security Guards $25,770** 6% Experience with firearms and crisis prevention
Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers $59,680 7% Patrol and firearms experience
Detectives and Criminal Investigators $78,120 5% Evidence handling, research, and investigation experience
Information Security Analysts $92,600 28% Performance of monitoring and security duties
Computer and Information Systems Managers $135,800 12% Management of secure military communications and computer systems

Source: *U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics. **The salary presented here is for U.S. based jobs and may not reflect the salary for an overseas counterpart.

High Paying Civilian Security Careers for Veterans

Military veterans may have good career opportunities with physical security, computer security, and government security agencies. In addition, veterans may find that security clearance and firearms handling gives them an advantage over other candidates in security-related careers.

Security Guards

There are many opportunities overseas, and a growing number in the United States. Private security companies often pay generous salaries, in addition to covering expenses. This career is most likely to suit Special Forces, combat, and other veterans with similar training.

Security guards are responsible for maintaining the safety of people and facilities. They may monitor premises physically, or use surveillance devices. They are present to prevent theft, and violence. They may also run X-ray and metal detection equipment at secure buildings and airports. This position requires a high school diploma. For work overseas, specialized advanced training and experience is often necessary.

Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers

Police are often the first line of defense for security in cities and towns. Military veterans often do well in these positions and are actively sought after in many departments, due to their training with firearms, emergency situations, first aid, and crisis prevention.

Police and sheriff's patrol officers have a duty to protect the citizens and the property in their jurisdiction. They may serve as patrol officers in order to monitor and prevent crime, as well as to be close at hand in emergencies and respond immediately to those situations. They provide security on a daily basis and may participate in security duty for special events or circumstances. A high school diploma and police academy training is required in all jurisdictions, and many require a college degree in a related major.

Detectives and Investigators

This security career may be well-suited to those who worked in intelligence gathering and analysis in some capacity during active duty. Veterans with security clearance may have an advantage over other candidates, particularly at federal agencies like Homeland Security or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Detectives and investigators gather evidence and assess it to determine whether a crime has been committed. If so, they attempt to use evidence and further investigation to discover who was involved and detail the crimes committed. Detectives and investigators may work at the federal, state, or local level of government. A high school diploma and academy training is the minimum entry requirement, but in larger departments and at the federal level additional training and a bachelor's degree are necessary.

Information Security Analysts

Veterans who have worked in communications or network security are likely to find this a good career choice. In addition, veterans with computer security experience have advanced specialized training, which may allow them to stand out from other candidates in this field.

Information security analysts are responsible for cyber security on the computer systems run by business, government, or other institutions. They oversee computer security tactics and procedures. They monitor systems and run tests to ensure that the systems are strong and that security has not been compromised. This position requires a bachelor's degree.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

This could be an ideal situation for those veterans who have served as information officers, such as veteran Navy officer information professionals (IPs). Veterans may find that their experience in the service is a strong selling point, particularly if they have relevant experience and if security clearance is desirable.

Computer and information systems managers plan and direct a company's or department's computers and networks, including security systems. The position is also known as information technology or (IT). Managers in this position work closely with senior level staff to determine upcoming needs and issues, in order to ensure that computer systems and networks are up to the task as company operations move forward. This position requires a bachelor's degree and extensive relevant experience.

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