Highest-Paying Jobs in the Army National Guard

Serving your country as a member of the Army National Guard military is noble, but it helps if the job you hold contributes significantly to your income. This article describes some of the highest paying jobs in the Army National Guard.

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The Army National Guard is different from regular Army service because it allows personnel to serve in the Army while holding civilian jobs. Although serving the country in the military is a great and noble calling, it is also an advantage to you if the job you take up pays well. Below is a list of careers in the Army National Guard that are highest paying.

Career Comparison

Job Title Average Salary (2017)* Applicable Skills and Traits
Human Resources Officer $69,710 (Human Resource Specialists) Problem solving, good verbal and written communication, innovative
Combat Engineer $52,356 (Infantry Officer) Physically and mentally fit, agility, vast knowledge of combat skills and strategies, the ability to use combat and demolition equipment
Helicopter Repairer $55,069 (Aircraft Mechanics) Assembly, disassembly and repair of helicopter parts, problem solving, an eye for detail, interest in working with machines and power tools
Dental Corps Officer $52,256 (Dental hygienists and assistants) Physically fit, able to work in strained and pressured situations, quick thinking, problem solving
Transportation Management Coordinator $57,675 (Transportation Specialists) Foresighted, excellent planning skills, attention to detail, good communication, experience coordinating activities
Air Traffic Controller Operator $66,304 Ability to be calm and work under pressure, attention to detail, teamwork, decisiveness
CBRN Specialist $91,047 (Nuclear Engineers) Communication skills, knowledge of mathematics, organization and planning skills, ability to remain calm under stress

Source: *U.S. Department of Defense

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Army National Guard's Highest-Paying Jobs

The pay for each Army National Guard job is distinct, defined by the roles and responsibilities of its holder. There are many high-paying Army National Guard jobs, but below is a description of a few of them.

Human Resources Officer

The career of an Army National Guard human resources (HR) officer mirrors that of an HR manager in the civilian world in that they both look into HR affairs, helping to eliminate problems and meeting work-related needs of personnel. An HR officer, one of many high-paying jobs in the Army National Guard, oversees all matters that affect the Army soldiers' welfare and ensures that the soldiers have the right resources to keep them ready for combat. At an officer rank, this HR officer is in charge of junior HR employees, supervises soldiers' training, and may be called upon to advise commanders regarding the preparedness of the soldiers for battle.

Combat Engineer

A combat engineer is another high-paying job option in the Army National Guard. These skilled fighters are in charge of a combat unit and help the team maneuver through tough situations during combat for the success of the mission. The combat engineer determines the best fighting or defense positions, clears paths for the troops, sets and detonates explosives, and uses mine detectors or mere observation to identify explosive mines. Combat engineers also head demolition of buildings or the building of bridges, which equips them with construction skills that could prove useful when looking for a career after retirement.

Helicopter Repairer

The Army National Guard has helicopters that are used to hasten mobility during missions such as disaster relief, transportation of the troops and supplies, and to make evacuations faster. To ensure the success of missions like this, each helicopter is allocated a number of professionals to ensure that the aircraft is ready and that all systems run optimally. A helicopter repairer is part of this crew, tasked with maintaining the helicopter and ensuring that it is ready for missions. He or she helps in troubleshooting, fixing or removing any parts of the subsystem like the engines, flight controls, and gearboxes. This high-paying Army National Guard role also services and repairs the helicopter's tail and wing makeup.

Dental Corps Officer

The Army National Guard's medical team is made up of experts in different specialties such as the dental corps, which is another example of a high-paying job. These professionals offer dental care to Army soldiers, their families and other persons on base eligible for the care. The officers also work on the battlefields during combat to assist those who may need the emergency care for their dental injuries. This career offers a number of specialty opportunities like pediatric dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics and comprehensive dentistry. At officer level, a dental corps position also takes command of the dental unit, exercising influence in their employment and as they carry out their roles.

Transportation Management Coordinator

The Army National Guard's responsiveness is dependent on the reliability of its transportation. Moving personnel and equipment takes courage, strength and intelligence, which are delivered by the transport crew. In this high-paying position, coordinators plan and schedule the mode of transportation to be used to transport cargo and personnel to any destination across the world. For this, they must prepare both the personnel and cargo for transport by providing necessary documents or passes at the airports, rail stations and at seaports. They also coordinate and arrange for transportation to be used upon arrival for their mission. The transport coordinators must document details of these arrangements and shipments for future audit.

Air Traffic Controller Operator

This high-paying career is under the Army National Guard's mathematics unit of the STEM division. Air traffic controller operators are in charge of air traffic, coordinating takeoffs and landings, so they require high-level precision, accuracy and tactic. This job requires an understanding of flight plans, a superior ability to multitask and attention to detail. These qualities are needed in ensuring that military troops and cargo depart and arrive safely. Other important skills taught to them include aircraft recognition, radar procedures, runway control and communication procedures.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Specialist

The career of a CBRN specialist is one of the Army National Guard STEM careers, which has many high-paying positions. CBRN specialists are part of the team that stands on the front-line of the nation's defense using weapons of mass destruction. This team is called upon to defend the country against some of the strongest and most powerful threats that would strain the troops. They also conduct surveillance and reconnaissance. A CBRN specialist is trained on how to take defense measures, conduct response operations, and to operate decontamination and detection equipment in case of a disaster. Since CBRN specialists are experts in their field, it is also their duty to maintain CBRN equipment.

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