Highest Paying Liberal Arts Degrees

For anyone pursuing, or thinking of pursuing, a liberal arts degree, you've probably thought about what your prospects will be like after you graduate. Luckily, there are plenty of well-paying options out there for people with a liberal arts degree.

5 of the Highest Paying Jobs with Liberal Arts Degrees

If you're someone who is pursuing a liberal arts degree - or you're considering it - you may have heard that people with these degrees struggle to earn a living once they graduate. This is far from the case, however. In fact, since liberal arts degrees cover such a wide range of professions, there are plenty of options out there for you. And while the high salaries may still gravitate towards people with law, medicine or technical degrees, that doesn't mean you can't earn a decent living. As proof, here are five high-paying jobs that you can get with a liberal arts degree.

Graphic Designer

Don't believe the people who say there's no money in the creative arts. Plenty of people earn a stable living off of their creativity, and a liberal arts degree in areas like fine arts, commercial art or graphic design provides invaluable tools and information. As a graphic designer you can design websites, print ads, or clothing. You could work independently on a freelance basis, or with companies and organizations of any size. There is always a demand for good artwork, as long as you're willing to put in the work. These designers' median salary was around $48,000 in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), so you certainly won't be a starving artist.


Perhaps your creative skills lie more with the written word than with colors or shapes. Writers can earn a good salary, either on a freelance basis, or by working with a business or other organizations. As a writer you could produce books, marketing materials, web copy and more. The ability to phrase things the right way and to produce compelling writing is an in-demand skill. Since there are so many possibilities when it comes to writing, the salaries vary, but you could make a median annual salary somewhere around $61,000, according to the BLS in 2016. To give yourself a leg up, a liberal arts degree in English language and literature would be a good fit.

Public Relations Specialist

Handling the media and public is a job that's not for everyone. Companies, politicians, celebrities and charities all need someone to work with the public on their behalves. As someone in public relations, you are representing someone or something, and because of this you need to have experience and qualifications. Most places will want someone with a degree and are willing to pay good money for your services. In 2016, public relations specialists made a median salary of about $58,000, according to the BLS, but there may be room for more if you land a big client. To follow this career path, you might consider a liberal arts degree in areas like journalism, communications, English, or even theater.

Human Resources Specialist

You can find a human resources department within most - if not all - large businesses and organizations. As a human resources specialist, you will help organizations recruit, train, and retain top talent. With such a large demand for talented people, human resource specialists play a large role within any company, and as a result the pay is good. To become a human resources specialist, you could earn a liberal arts degree in areas such as communications or even political science/government. Human resources specialists earned an annual median wage of around $59,000 in 2016, according to the BLS.


What better way to use the information you've learned than to pass it on to the next generation? Teachers provide an invaluable service, and as a result they are offered a decent salary. While you likely won't get rich being a teacher, the jobs typically come with some great benefits packages, which are a nice perk. While what you're teaching might impact the salary you can expect, teachers in 2016 made a median salary of around $58,000 for high school and about $55,000 for kindergarten/elementary, according to the BLS. You could pursue a liberal arts degree, combined with a teacher education program, in areas such as English, fine arts, history, or psychology. Some schools may also offer a liberal studies degree for educators, with areas of specialization from which to choose.

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