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Jun 30, 2020

Holistic Coach Certification Information

Holistic coaches are trained professionals who guide clients in the areas of life, health, and wellness and help them make positive and healthy changes in their lives. The holistic approach combines many factors, such as nutrition, spirituality, relationships, and physical fitness to make overall improvements in one's life. For individuals who wish to become holistic coaches, certification can benefit them by attracting more clients demonstrating the knowledge and skills they possess.

There is no singular certification-granting association for holistic coaching professionals. Instead, multiple organizations offer certifications of their own that are usually obtained by students successfully completing a holistic coach training program and, in some cases, passing a test. These training programs can be done completely online and may cover one or all areas of holistic life, health, and wellness coaching.

Holistic Coach Certification Requirements

Unlike many certifications that require a specific type of education or amount of work experience or the passing of a national exam, holistic coach certification typically just requires the successful completion of a training course. Individuals of any age (although it may be best to be 18 years or older) and educational/professional backgrounds can enroll. The enrollment process is usually as simple as signing up and paying a course fee. The length of each program varies, with many programs being self-paced.

Common Course Topics

Holistic Fundamentals

Students get an introduction to the basics of living a holistic lifestyle, from nutrition and physical fitness to mindfulness practices and spirituality. With firsthand knowledge of holistic principles, students can gain a foundational education that they can use when teaching the lifestyle to their clients.

Coaching Skills

Students can learn techniques for effective client coaching, such as the right questions to ask, how to engage in meaningful, realistic conversations, and how to provide feedback. Concepts such as mindfulness, psychology, and communication are explored in the context of providing positive coaching for clients.

Business Skills

Students can learn how to launch a successful business with their holistic coaching skills. Concepts such as branding yourself, building a business model, and finding the right niche are explored.

Additional Requirements

Some organizations do require graduates of their programs to recertify every couple of years or so. Recertification is obtained by completing a minimum number of hours of continuing education courses.

Holistic Coach Career Overview

Holistic coaches provide guidance for people who are looking to improve their lifestyle in a number of different ways, including physically, nutritionally, mentally, and spiritually. Holistic coaching, also known as health or wellness coaching, combines these factors to make dietary changes and establish healthy habits, including exercise, getting adequate sleep, and managing stress. It's important to note that holistic coaches are different from holistic practitioners; they do not provide any sort of treatment to clients and are not trained to.

The career of a holistic coach can be as varied as the coaches themselves. They can work at corporations to implement employee wellness programs, at colleges and universities to reduce stress on campus, and at training centers to help athletes with nutrition, stress reduction, and recovery. Holistic coaches might also work in spas, wellness centers, and gyms, or for weight loss programs. Many coaches also work for themselves, marketing their services, and taking on individual clients. This can also be done remotely by having sessions with clients through video chat platforms. Additionally, holistic coaches can write blogs or make videos and social media accounts for their business.

According to PayScale, as of 2020, the average annual salary for wellness coaches is $47,909.

Holistic coach certification can be obtained online by completing a training program. There are several career possibilities for holistic coaches, from self-employment to starting a blog or coaching for corporate programs.

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