Hospitality Jobs for Couples

Jan 18, 2018

Those who would like to work as a couple can find many jobs in hospitality that would allow them to work together and/or divide responsibilities. Compare and contrast a few of these jobs, their expected job growth rates and education requirements.

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Hospitality Career Options for Couples

While couples could potentially work in most hospitality positions together, there are a few that are more conducive to working as a team in order to accomplish various tasks. These careers range greatly in their job duties and the specific skill sets they require. Here we discuss a handful of the hospitality careers that may be a good fit for couples.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2016-2026)*
Lodging Managers $51,840 6%
Food Service Managers $50,820 9%
Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners $47,350 10%
Gaming Services Workers $20,810 2%
Bartenders $20,800 2%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Hospitality Jobs for Couples

Lodging Managers

Some lodging establishments may prefer or request management couples to oversee the daily activities and operations of these establishments to make sure that guests have a pleasant stay. These couples may divide the work and specialize in or take turns supervising staff or handling the business-side of the organization. In general, lodging managers ensure the cleanliness of their establishments, coordinate their front desk staff, hire and train staff, track profits, determine room rates and address any questions or concerns that guests may have. Depending on the type of establishment, lodging managers may need an education ranging from a high school diploma with work experience to a certificate, associate's or bachelor's degree in hotel management or related field.

Food Service Managers

Like lodging managers, positions as food service managers can be a good fit for couples as one person may handle the customer service and personnel side of the business, while the other oversees the finances and other business-related issues. These managers run restaurants and other eating establishments, which require them to hire, train and direct staff; make sure the staff and food preparation area meet all health and safety standards; and manage the budget. These professionals also approve food presentation and portion sizes, interact with guests and address any customer complaints or concerns. Food service managers typically need a high school diploma and work experience in the field, but some of these managers may have postsecondary education from culinary school, community college or a 4-year institution.

Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

Couples could work well as meeting, convention and event planners, especially those who coordinate large events, to split up some of the many responsibilities involved in planning an event for their clients. These planners first meet with their clients to determine the date, time and possible locations for a particular event, and then the planners begin coordinating the details within the budget set by the client. They arrange for any necessary transportation for the event, work with vendors and service providers for any necessary food or accommodations and then usually coordinate the event's activities the day of the event. Experience in the field is very valuable, but these professionals must have a bachelor's degree.

Gaming Services Workers

Couples may enjoy working together in the energetic atmosphere of a casino or other gambling establishment as gaming services workers. There are many positions for couples to choose from, including gaming managers, slot supervisors and gaming dealers, but in general, gaming services workers make sure that customers enjoy their experience at the establishment. Gaming services workers interact with customers, explain how to play different games, enforce rules and watch for any rule or policy violations. Gaming services workers typically need a high school diploma, but some positions, such as a gaming manager, may need a college degree.


Bartenders usually work in a fast-paced environment and serve many customers, so it may be helpful to employ a couple to keep up with the work. Couples may also enjoy the atmosphere as they greet and interact with customers while serving them various alcoholic beverages. Bartenders must make sure their customers are of legal age, maintain inventory, clean the bar, collect payment for drinks and carefully watch the intoxication levels of customers. Bartenders do not need formal education, but have to undergo some on-the-job training and usually have to be at least 18 years old.

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