How to Become a Deacon Online

Dec 19, 2019

Individuals who wish to work within their religious faith, but do not want to become a priest or pastor, can become a deacon. This article depicts the steps and requirements needed in the process to become a deacon online.

Information about Deacons

Deacons support the priests or head of their house of worship in religious ceremonies as well as in religious guidance, helping to spread the word of the Bible. Deacons do not have to be single and, in fact, can be married. Different religious denominations use deacons in religious ceremonies and, depending on which organization, a deacon can be a man or a woman. In Catholic churches, the deacon is a man. Individuals looking to become a deacon can find that most of the steps can be completed online.

Required Skills Public Speaking, Self-Reflection, Public Relations, Guidance and Counseling, Meditation and Focus
Job Growth for Clergy Nationwide* 6% Growth 2018-2028
Median Salary for Clergy Nationwide* $48,990 Annually (2018)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Steps to Become a Deacon Online

All individuals looking to become a deacon need to complete the following four steps, most of which can be completed online.

Step One: Talk with Your Pastor or Priest

It is suggested by certain religious denominations, using the traditional path to become a deacon (versus online ordination), to talk with the current pastor or priest to see if the life of a deacon is a good fit. This can also show if there are any education requirements and the applicant can get a sense of that person's experiences in becoming a priest or pastor as most of the time he or she was a deacon beforehand. For the traditional way, candidates often need to be baptized and have experience being an active member of their church as a requirement to become a deacon. The candidate's specific pastor or priest can detail more information about their denomination. This individual can be used as a mentor during the process and conversations can be held online.

Step Two: Complete the Education Requirement

Often, those wishing to become deacons using the traditional way need to attend a seminary. Seminaries are religious higher education institutions or universities that mainly teach religion and topics related to it, such as history or philosophy. Some seminaries have bachelor's degrees, but most are just master's or PhD programs, which then require a bachelor's prior to entering. Degrees needed could be restricted to such themes as philosophy, religion, or history. Other denominations might not require seminary courses, but they might require additional education courses in theology. Bachelor's and seminary courses can be taken online.

Step Three: Apply to the Organization in Charge of the Denomination

After completing any education requirements, some denominations allow deacons to send all the paperwork online via email to the authorized office while others allow graduation from the seminary as completion of the application process. For those using the non-traditional way to become a deacon, the whole process is done online through organizations such as Universal Life Church.

Step Four: Finalize the Appointment

Once the application is approved by the organization in charge of the denomination, the organization will finalize the appointment either online, confirming all the paperwork is in order, or through a religious ceremony headed by the priest or pastor.

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