How to Become a Golf Instructor Online

Dec 02, 2019

Golf Instructor Career Information

Golf instructors help people learn, practice, and improve within the sport of golf. They typically need to have some experience with the sport in order to begin working as instructors. Instructors also need to be able to effectively communicate and demonstrate golf concepts and techniques. Golf instructors might work for businesses and organizations, such as schools and country clubs, or they may be self-employed. Since experience in golf is required, there will be some difficulty in preparing for this career online.

Required Skills Golf skills, communication skills, physical stamina
Job Growth 11% for 2018-2028 (for all coaches)*
Median Salary (2019) $35,468 (for all sports instructors)**

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics **

Online Steps to Prepare for a Career as a Golf Instructor

Different positions have different requirements to begin working as a golf instructor. Some employers prefer golf instructors who are certified, and individuals looking to become self-employed will still need to demonstrate to potential clients their value in much the same way as those looking to work for a business or organization. Although a career such as this necessitates in-person work and practice, it is possible to complete some steps using online resources.

Step 1: Consider a Postsecondary Degree

Although there aren't any formal education requirements for becoming a golf instructor, some job ads request that applicants have at least some form of postsecondary education, such as an associate or bachelor's degree. Moreover, there are degrees that can be helpful in preparing you for the duties and responsibilities of your career as a golf instructor. Earning an online degree in business, for example, could be one option for individuals looking to start their own golf instruction business. Likewise, those looking to be self-employed golf instructors might also find an online degree in marketing or communications to be helpful in the self-promotion involved in starting a career on their own and gaining clients.

Step 2: Practice the Sport

In order to be a golf instructor, you do have to have some skills in the sport itself. This step will require hands-on practice. Playing for local clubs, in local leagues, or for your school can be a great way to gain some practical experience with the sport. You can also practice on your own by visiting driving ranges or playing through rounds of golf. Physical competency within the sport is likely going to be one of the more important aspects of being able to land a job as a golf instructor or gaining and maintaining clients.

Step 3: Learn by Example

Being skilled in the sport is an important step toward being a golf instructor, but you also need to be an effective teacher of the sport. Golf instructors have to distill the science behind different clubs, swing mechanics, and terrains so that clients can begin to internalize the physics of the sport. One way that you can learn how to effectively communicate all of the terminology, techniques, and physics of the sport is by watching someone else do so. There are many videos and video series available online that teach people everything from golf basics to advanced techniques. By watching these videos, you can not only get a refresher of the information but also be given examples of how to effectively communicate and teach the concepts presented in the videos.

Step 4: Consider Certification

This is another step that can be difficult to complete online, but there are options for online certification. The United States Golf Teacher Federation (USGTF), for example, offers an associate member certification option that can qualify you to begin teaching. To qualify, you'll take an online course covering how to coach clients in the rules of golf, club selection, swing analysis, and even marketing techniques. The USGTF does offer further levels of certification, but these require on-site training and testing.

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