How to Become a PE Teacher in New Mexico

Jan 02, 2019

If you have an interest in health and teaching, you may want to consider becoming a gym teacher. Physical education teachers in New Mexico must meet certain licensing requirements, which we'll look at in this article.

In the state of New Mexico, PE, or gym, teachers are considered to be specialty teachers qualified to teach grades preK-12. The licensing process is much the same for specialty teachers as it is for teachers in elementary, middle or secondary school classrooms. Below, we'll look at the steps required to become a PE teacher in this state.

Requirements for New Mexico PE Teachers

Average Salary for Teachers in New Mexico (2017)* $59,060 (Elementary school), $54,720 (Middle school), $56,060 (Secondary school)
Required Degree Bachelor's degree
Degree Field Physical education
Testing Requirements NES Physical Education (506), NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Elementary or Secondary (051 or 052), NES Essential Academic Skills (001, 002, 003)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Step 1: Complete Schooling Requirements

If you want to become a physical education teacher in New Mexico, you must earn a bachelor's degree. To provide students with the background knowledge on team sports and human anatomy along with the necessary pedagogy courses, some New Mexico colleges offer a bachelor's degree in education with a focus in physical education. In these programs, you'll spend time in real classrooms completing student teaching assignments. You'll also take courses that can include net games, yoga, tumbling, teaching fitness, motor learning, dance, and conflict mediation.

Step 2: Take Required Exams

The NES Essential Academic Skills test is required for all teachers. This exam is made up of three sub-tests. These subtests cover math, reading, and writing. All of them include multiple-choice questions, while the writing exam also requires you to write an essay. You must earn a minimum score of 220 on each subtest to pass.

You must also complete the NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge exam for elementary or secondary students. These are two different exams, but both cover basic teaching principles for the grade level you'd like to teach. You're given three hours to complete either of the exams, and it costs $95 for the testing fee. To pass the elementary exam you must earn a score of at least 222. You must earn at least a 220 to pass the secondary exam.

The final exam you'll need to take is an NES content knowledge exam. By this point, you've already proven you have basic skills and teaching knowledge; now is your chance to be endorsed in physical education. The Physical Education (506) assessment includes 150 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in three hours or less. In order to pass the exam, you must score 220 or more points.

Step 3: Get Licensed

In New Mexico, you must be fingerprinted and have a background check run for you. These background checks are valid for two years, and the cost for the service is $44. You must also pay a $125 application fee and submit your initial teacher license application along with your transcripts from your bachelor's degree program and your test scores.

New Mexico PE Teacher Licensing Resources

Consider the list below when preparing for your New Mexico teaching license. These study guides can help you get ready to take each of your NES exams.

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