How to Become a Seamstress Online

Dec 19, 2019

Seamstresses stitch, patch, tailor, and mend clothes. Read on for more information about the seamstress profession in addition to steps you can take to prepare for this career field online.

Overview of the Seamstress Career

The main responsibilities of a seamstress can include mending clothes to repair cuts or rips in the fabric, performing alterations so that clothes fit the customer better, tailoring clothes to the specific measurements provided by the customer or tailor, and making clothes from fabrics and materials. Since there is no required formal education, training, or certification, becoming a seamstress can be relatively easy to prepare for with the help of online resources.

Required Skills Eye for detail, physical stamina, dexterity
Job Growth for 2018-2028 -6% (for all tailors, dressmakers, and custom sewers)*
Median Salary for 2019 $33,399**

Sources: *US Bureau of Labor Statistics,**

Steps for Becoming a Seamstress Online

Experience is one of the main requirements for becoming a seamstress, though there are also some physical requirements, such as the ability to sit for long hours and the ability to repeat precise tasks for long periods of time. The following steps can all be completed online, although you may also require some physical materials for practice, such as needles, thread, and fabrics.

Step 1: Study Techniques

Becoming a seamstress depends largely on your ability to be able to perform a series of sometimes complicated and often precise tasks in order to mend, tailor, create, or alter clothes. Learning techniques to do this can be done by making use of online resources. There are web videos made by professional seamstresses that can not only instruct you on the basic techniques involved in the craft but also provide advice from those in the industry on how they went about becoming a seamstress, as well as general tips and mistakes you can avoid.

There are also other online resources, such as articles and blogs, that can help you learn sewing basics and advanced techniques. Reading these write-ups can be a great way to start to get a handle on sewing and mending.

Step 2: Practice

Understanding sewing techniques is one thing, but being able to perform them efficiently and at length can be another. This is where practice can be a really helpful next step. Revisit the information from the previous step, but this time put it to use while you practice with real materials and fabrics. Begin to develop your muscle memory and work on your stamina. A seamstress career can be physically demanding, calling on you to perform precision tasks at length. Practice can give you a leg up in terms of both the technical performance of the task and the physical stamina required.

Step 3: Consider Online Training Courses

As mentioned before, training is not technically required to become a seamstress; however, training courses can help you prepare for becoming a seamstress by refining and building on your skills. Courses such as these can teach you about sewing machine basics, marking, measuring, cutting pattern pieces, creating back stitches, pattern making, and more. Through virtual learning, assessment, and feedback, these courses have the potential to take your knowledge and skills further than self-study, addressing areas of concern, and drawing on the expertise of qualified instructors.

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