How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Maryland

Jan 02, 2019

Becoming a substitute teacher can be a difficult process, depending on the state. In this article, we'll look at what it takes to become a substitute teacher in Maryland.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017, there were more than 8,700 substitute teachers in Maryland. While this number is significant, the state is always looking for additional subs to fill shortages. To find out more about requirements, continue reading.

Substitute Teachers in Maryland Requirements

Average Salary for Maryland Substitute Teachers (2017)* $30,492 (substitute teachers in Baltimore, MD, area)
Required Degree High School Diploma
Required Field N/A
Testing Requirements None

Source: *

Step 1: Substitute Teacher Requirements

In Maryland, substitutes are hired by the individual districts. Though each district selects its own requirements, there are a few requirements that you will likely find across the state. There is an age requirement of 18, though some counties ask that you be over 21. You only need a high school diploma to meet minimum education requirements. However, some counties may ask for a degree or some college credit, and those with these backgrounds will usually get preferential hiring. The common education that is requested is an associate's degree or 30 college credit hours. A final requirement might be that you are able to work at least 25 days within that school district. This proves you'll be available when needed.

Step 2: Orientation Course

After you have been hired, you will need to take the orientation course. This is also found statewide. This course is typically four hours in length and covers the basic rules and policies of the school district. Along with the basics of the district's policies, you may also be taught how to carry out or build a lesson plan. You will also get prepared for your background check. There is a fee associated with these courses. You can look to see if the district you are hired with will reimburse this fee, but it is not common.

Step 3: Background Check

All teachers, including those who are unpaid, must be fingerprinted in Maryland. This is often brought up during the orientation. Some orientations include the fingerprinting form and registration as part of completion. There is a fee for fingerprinting and the background check, and it varies from school district to school district, though this is typically around $65. You will have a state- and FBI-run background check completed. There are several identification centers and law enforcement agencies that will fingerprint you for an additional fee. You'll also find that some school districts require you to be photographed for an ID card for the school.

Retired Teachers

Maryland does accept retired teachers for substitute positions. In fact, these individuals typically get paid more than even substitute teachers with degrees, since retired teachers have at one point been certified to teach in the state (and have therefore passed all certification exams). In fact, some counties prefer to only hire retired teachers as substitutes. Be sure to check with the school district you're interested in to see if you meet requirements.

Certification Resources for Maryland Substitutes

While there is no testing requirement, there are school districts that suggest some tests. One example of this is the Praxis Parapro exam being a requirement that can help with preferential hiring. Use the link below to help you study.

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