How to Send College Transcripts for Transfer

Aug 07, 2018

When it comes to transferring from one college to another, transcripts play a major role. Since transcripts are a record of work students have already accomplished, transfer applicants usually need to request that an official transcript be sent directly from a prior college to the college to which they are applying. Keep reading to see some important aspects of the transcript sending process.

Step 1: Gather important information.

Before requesting a transcript, students should gather information about where they want the transcript sent. One of the most important things to take note of is the address where the transcript should be mailed. Students should determine whether the university they're applying to requires applicants to fill out a specific transcript request form to give to prior colleges. It is also important to request a transcript from every college a student has attended, whether or not the school actually awarded credit.

Step 2: Request a transcript from all colleges attended.

Typically, students need to contact the registrar at their prior colleges to determine what is needed as part of the process for requesting an official transcript. Students must usually supply several important elements before a transcript request can be processed. In most cases, students need to have an address for the transcript to be mailed to, pay a fee, and sometimes fill out a special request form. Students may be able to request a transcript online or in person, depending on the institution.

Step 3: Confirm that transcripts have been received.

It is always important to make sure that paperwork is processed to prevent mix-ups down the line, and transcripts are no exception. When transferring colleges, students may want to wait a few days or weeks for sending institutions to process transcript requests. Some colleges may even give students a time frame about when to expect a transcript to be sent. To confirm a transcript has been sent, a student may be able to see the status in the online portal of the school the student requested it from, or the institution may email a confirmation. Alternately, to confirm it has been received, it may be beneficial to check with the office the student requested it be sent it to, such as the Office of Admissions or Undergraduate Admissions. Sometimes, the online portal of the destination school may send a message once a transcript has been received.

Other Ways to Send College Transcripts for Transfer

Students at some colleges may also opt to have college transcripts sent electronically. In fact, in some cases, an electronic transcript is required, such as when transferring from a Washington state community college to the University of Washington. To send an official electronic transcript, students should first ensure that a prior college generates electronic transcripts and that the destination college accepts them. Then, they may need to make note of the correct email address for electronic transcripts, if they are accepted via email. Many universities that allow students to request electronic transcripts do so through third party websites like National Student Clearinghouse, which allows transcripts to be available immediately.

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