HR Assistant Vs HR Coordinator

May 29, 2020

Comparing HR Assistants to HR Coordinators

Both human resources (HR) assistants and HR coordinators support the work of HR management. However, HR assistants tend to do more work focused on employee records, while HR coordinators help manage the tasks and movements of employees, especially new hires. Look below for a closer comparison of these two careers.

Job Title Education Requirements Median Salary (2020)* Job Growth (2018-2028)**
HR Assistant High school diploma $41,000 -4% decline (for all human resources assistants, except payroll and timekeeping)
HR Coordinator High school diploma $47,000 5% (for all human resources specialists)

Source: *, **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsibilities of HR Assistants vs. HR Coordinators

HR assistants and coordinators both perform a lot of the filing and paperwork that a HR office or department needs. HR assistants primarily deal with hard data on employees, such as earnings and contact information. HR coordinators work with the HR management team to assist them in things like labor laws or relations and keeping documents up to date. Like other HR specialists, both HR assistants and coordinators usually work in offices. If they work in recruiting, they may have to travel to find new employees at places like job fairs.

HR Assistant

HR assistants perform a variety of support work to help HR departments run smoothly. They may keep personal data on employees, including addresses and how much employees earn each week. They may also monitor employee absences, how many sales employees are making, and record if they get let go by the company. With this data, HR assistants may make reports to be filed in employment records as well as find information that has been filed to give to management and other authorized personnel.

Job responsibilities of an HR assistant include:

  • Assisting with new employee screenings and checks
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Acting as a point person between a company and its vendors
  • Helping with any handbook or policy and procedures revisions

HR Coordinator

HR coordinators assist with many tasks related to managing employees, from the hiring process through to employment. They typically accomplish this based on information compiled beforehand from other HR personnel. From there, they usually maintain prospective and new employee records as well as ensure that legal requirements are met. HR coordinators usually work within the HR department at a company or for an independent HR firm and have several years of experience in the field before taking on the role.

Job responsibilities of a HR coordinator include:

  • Aiding in new employee orientation
  • Helping manage benefits
  • Assisting in maintaining employee records
  • Working with different managers, such as the hiring manager or a management team

Related Careers

Anyone with the skill set to become an HR assistant might also find their skills put to use as an executive assistant, since both careers involve helping managers or other figures in authority keep things in order. Similarly, someone who likes what an HR coordinator does might like what an event planner does, since both careers involve keeping track of details for groups of people.

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