In-Demand Associate Degree Jobs

With an associate's degree, careers in fields such as healthcare, science, media and engineering are attainable. Many jobs that only require an associate's degree are currently enjoying high job growth rates, and some are explored further here.

Career Options for In-Demand Associate's Degree Jobs

Not everyone wants to pursue several years of postsecondary study, and these people may be more interested in earning an associate's degree. Those who are interested in working in a job field that's growing at a fast rate will want to consider options with job growth rates that exceed the national job growth average of 7%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These individuals will find that there are a number of career options that are experiencing very high job growth rates that require associate's degrees.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Outlook (2014-2024)*
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians $42,230 12%
Web Developers $66,130 27%
Environmental Engineering Technicians $49,170 10%
Occupational Therapy Assistants $59,010 43%
Geological and Petroleum Technicians $56,470 12%
Community Health Workers $37,330 15%
Physical Therapy Assistants $56,610 41%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for In-Demand Associate's Degree Jobs

Audio and Video Equipment Technicians

Audio and video equipment technicians typically have an associate's degree, and are forecast to see a 12% rate of job growth through to 2024, according to BLS reports. They work with the equipment that is used to amplify sound or record productions. Their job can involve setting up audio visual equipment and then operating the equipment during live events or broadcasts. The faster-than-average job growth rate makes this an in-demand career option that can be pursued with an associate's degree.

Web Developers

Every website has been constructed to have a certain style and to perform specific functions. Web developers are the creative programming minds behind website designs, and they use their skills to ensure websites work and appear as intended. By studying web design and earning an associate's degree it's possible to pursue work in this field. Web developers are expected to see a 27% rate of job growth from 2014 to 2024, per the BLS, which is 20% higher than the national average.

Environmental Engineering Technicians

Environmental engineering technicians can complete an associate's degree in environmental engineering to prepare to enter this career field. The 10% rate of job growth projected by the BLS from 2014 to 2024 makes this a career option requiring an associate's degree that's experiencing faster-than-average job growth. Environmental engineering technicians work with environmental engineers and do thinks like test areas for pollution or operate equipment that can help reduce or eliminate environmental damage. They play an important role in maintaining the health of the environment.

Occupational Therapy Assistants

With the BLS predicting a 43% job growth rate for occupational therapy assistants through 2024, this occupation is enjoying one of the highest rates of job growth. Occupational therapy assistants are healthcare professionals who work with patients who are being treated by an occupational therapist. They may help patients perform prescribed activities that will help them improve or regain functions, and they are also responsible for documenting their observations of the patient and any progress made. They are required to have an associate's degree in their field, as well as a license.

Geological and Petroleum Technicians

Geological and petroleum technicians are involved with accessing natural resources such as oil. They are responsible for testing areas to identify resources that can be removed from the earth and typically work in mining or oil and gas extraction. An associate's degree or comparable level of postsecondary training is required to work in this field, and the BLS anticipates a job growth rate of 12% for these professionals from 2014 to 2024.

Community Health Workers

The 15% rate of job growth the BLS expects for community health workers is more than double the national job growth average. Community health workers can sometimes start their career with on-the-job training, but an associate's degree or certificate is an asset and may be required by employers. Community health workers are advocates who work to ensure that the people in their community have their health needs met. They may help people locate medical services or help inform community members about pertinent health issues.

Physical Therapy Assistants

Physical therapy assistants are required to have an associate's degree and to fulfill their state licensing requirements. The BLS projects a job growth rate of 41%, which makes this a career that requires an associate's degree that has one of the highest rates of job growth expected from 2014 to 2024. Physical therapy assistants work under the supervision of physical therapists to assist with treating patients. They perform tasks such as teaching patients how to use assistive devices, or showing patients how to perform exercises.

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