INFP Careers in Business

Jan 18, 2020

Career Options for INFP Personality types to Pursue in Business

INFP personality types are more likely to do something at the last minute or make an impulsive decision. They can be creative, but they are also introverts. They typically aren't strong leaders, and they can find a lot of socializing overwhelming. They're motivated by an ability to help others and by their values.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Growth* (2018-2028)
Technical Writers $71,850 8%
Human Resource Specialists $60,880 5%
Personal Financial Advisors $88,890 7%
Fundraisers $56,950 9%
Training and Development Specialists $60,870 9%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for INFP Personality Types to Pursue in Business

Technical Writers

Technical writers must have a bachelor's degree, and they may require specialized training if they work in a specific field such as medicine. They write things like instruction manuals. This career can be ideal for INFP personality types because they like to be creative, and are often skilled with written communication. They also like to help others, which is something they can do with the documents they produce. Technical writers may work for businesses and be responsible for producing content for their products.

Human Resource Specialists

Human resource specialists are involved in hiring and training employees. They also do other things, such as develop employee benefits, or address workplace issues. Human resource specialists can contribute to a company by ensuring they have qualified, committed employees who are appropriately trained. INFP personality types may be drawn to this type of business career because they can find it meaningful to contribute to their employer's staff by ensuring they are capable and professional. They are normally expected to have a bachelor's degree.

Personal Financial Advisors

Personal financial advisors help people manage their money. A bachelor's degree is the standard requirement to work in this field, although a master's degree and certification may be assets. INFP personality types may find this to be a good business career option because they can help people make informed decisions for their financial future. They can help people figure out how to save for their child's education or help them develop a retirement plan. In some cases, if people have financial issues, they may be able to apply their creative skills to develop an effective strategy to help them meet their goals on a tight budget.


Fundraisers are required to have a bachelor's degree. INFP personality types may find that this is a career field they enjoy because their focus is on helping organizations raise the finances needed to operate or expand services. They may spend a lot of time coming up with original ideas for ways to generate revenue for their employer, and then prepare plans and implement those strategies. Since INFP personality types like to help others, this can be very rewarding for them.

Training and Development Specialists

Training and development specialists usually gain some practical experience before moving into this career. They must also have a bachelor's degree. These professionals prepare employees to perform new or specific tasks, or help them improve their performance by producing training materials that are accurate and clear. They also determine the best way to relay that information to the staff, and then set up programs to ensure everyone is properly trained. Since INFP personality types like to help people and can be effective educators, this is an ideal business career option for them. INFP personality types can find it rewarding to know that they effectively prepare all employees to do their job properly and safely.

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