International Online High School Guide

There are a number of international online high school options available, both to international students who live in different countries around the world and to American students who may be living outside of the United States. We will look at six of these programs in greater detail below.

International Online High Schools

International online high schools are typically geared towards students who are interested in an American high school education and an American high school diploma. When selecting a program, there are a number of options to choose from and a variety of factors that may play a role in the selection process.

School Name Type Unique Attributes/Considerations
View High School Private Dual enrollment for college credit, variety of elective courses
Sterling Academy Private Honors courses, summer courses, credit recovery program, large number of elective courses
K12 International Academy Private Destinations Career Program, college counseling, wide variety of elective and Advanced Placement courses
Forest Trail Academy Private Advanced Placement courses, credit recovery program, summer school
International Virtual Learning Academy Private Multiple curriculum options,
Excel High School Private Advanced courses, 24/7 tutoring

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Description of International Online High Schools

There are a number of different reasons why a student may seek out an international online high school program. They may be living outside of the United States but still have an interest in earning an American diploma. Foreign students who hope to go to college or work in the US may also want an American diploma, as it makes the college application process much simpler and allows them to familiarize themselves with the American education system. Once the decision to attend an international online school has been made, students and parents then must pick the option that works best for them. Below we will provide some detailed information about the six schools listed above to help make this process easier.

View High School

View High school is an option for students around the country and the world, as it is a private online high school that students can enroll in from anywhere. View High School offers a number of courses in the core curriculum subjects of math, English, social studies, and science in addition to a few elective courses in health and physical education, world languages, and art. Students have the option of being able to enroll in courses for dual college credit, credit recovery, or if they wish to complete their high school education at an accelerated pace.

Sterling Academy

Sterling Academy is an online private high school program that is available to students from around the world. Students who enroll at Sterling have the ability to be completely flexible when moving through their coursework, allowing them to accommodate for busy schedules or frequent travel. Sterling offers a large number of core curriculum courses in English, math, science, and social studies as well as many elective courses and advanced options. Students who need to catch up on credits can also enroll in the school's summer program or take credit recovery courses. Upon graduating from Sterling, students will receive an American high school diploma.

K12 International Academy

K12 International Academy is another private online high school program that is available to both American students and foreign students from around the world. Students at K12 can select from the program's extensive course catalog, which includes several Advanced Placement (AP) courses, foreign language courses, and a wide variety of elective courses. Through the school's Destinations Career Program, students can explore potential career fields by taking aptitude tests, enrolling in electives relevant to that career, and earning various certifications in that field upon graduating. K12 also offers its students career and college counseling, which may be particularly helpful to foreign students who want to attend an American university.

Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy provides students and parents with another online private high school option. This program is available to students living in the United States and to foreign students living around the world. Students at Forest Trail Academy can choose from many different courses, including AP options. This school also offers students the option of completing credit recovery courses to make up past bad grades, as well as courses offered during the summer for students who need to either catch up or want to finish high school early.

International Virtual Learning Academy

International Virtual Learning Academy is unique in that it offers its students six different curriculum options to choose from, rather than only one. This allows students to select the type of curriculum that will work best for their goals and learning style. All students who enroll at International Virtual Learning Academy, including international students, will receive an American high school diploma through the state of California upon completing the graduation requirements, as the school operates out of the state of California.

Excel High School

Another option for students seeking an international online high school program is Excel High School. This private program allows students from anywhere in the world to attend classes online and receive an American high school diploma. In addition to the course options typically available in core curriculum subjects, Excel offers a number of advanced options and a large number of elective options. These include game design, sociology, personal finance, audio engineering, career planning, and a number of world language courses. This program also offers its students 24/7 tutoring for when students need help at any time of the day.

Regulations for International Online High Schools

As the online high schools mentioned above are all private schools, they set their own specific requirements for graduation. Some of these schools operate out of a specific state, in which case they may follow that state's high school graduation requirements. Because many of these programs are designed to prepare students for post-secondary education, their graduation requirements are typically aligned with standard university and college admission requirements. Post-secondary institutions often require applicants to have taken four years of English, three to four years of math, three years of science, four years of social studies, courses in physical education and arts, and elective credits. Before selecting an international online high school program, it is also important to make sure the program is accredited.

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