INTP Careers to Avoid

INTP personality types are cautious and prefer to work methodically by themselves. They are good planners, but not good at making quick decisions. Read on to explore occupations that are not ideally suited to an INTP personality type's temperament.

Career Options for INTP Personality Types to Avoid

INTP stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking and perceiving. These individuals like to analyze information and review all relevant details. They don't want to be rushed into sudden decisions and prefer solitary work environments. They may want to avoid jobs that require quick decisions and regular teamwork.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Coaches $31,460 (coaches and scouts) 6% (coaches and scouts)
Psychiatric Technicians and Aides $28,670 5%
Lawyers $118,160 6%
Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agents $67,310 10%
Police and Detectives $61,600 4%
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers $107,320 7%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Jobs for INTP Personality Types to Avoid


Athletic coaches often have prior experience as athletes; they must know their sport well and have a bachelor's degree to work as a coach. They select players for their teams, train athletes and make strategic decisions. INTP personality types are not suited to this type of work because it involves a lot of regular interaction with others and the need to make quick decisions during a competition.

Psychiatric Technicians and Aides

Psychiatric technicians and aides work with patients who may have mental health issues; INTP personality types are likely to find the need to interact with many individuals overwhelming. These technicians and aides may also have to respond quickly to behavioral issues that threaten the well-being of patients. INTP personality types will find that the working atmosphere for psychiatric technicians and aides is not ideal for their temperament, since they won't be able to work in calm, solitary environments. Psychiatric aides and technicians receive on-the-job training; aides normally must have a high school diploma, while technicians may be required to have an associate's degree or certificate.


Lawyers must earn a law license after completing a law degree. They may work with a lot of clients, as well as other lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants, and when they go to court they need to interact with the judge as well as others involved in court proceedings. INTP personality types are not ideally suited for the work environment lawyers have, since lawyers need to regularly interact with so many other people. Lawyers may also have to change how they question a witness or how they argue a case based on new information, changes to testimony or a judge's ruling, and INTP personality types may find it challenging to make sudden decisions and changes.

Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agents

This career field includes floor brokers, who deal with the purchase of securities, and investment banking sales agents and traders, who deal with selling and buying things like stocks. These careers involve working with other people in busy environments and making quick decisions. Since INTP personality types do not prefer the working environments these professionals spend their days in, they are unlikely to find this type of work satisfying and may find it very stressful to be forced to make quick decisions. It's possible to enter this field with a bachelor's degree, although a master's degree is normally needed for senior positions.

Police and Detectives

Police and detectives may need a bachelor's degree to work for some law enforcement agencies; the minimum training requirements involve completing a police academy program and being trained once hired. INTP personality types will find that there are limited opportunities to work alone as a police officer since their job involves regular interaction with other officers or with victims, witnesses or those who perpetrate crimes; they may also need to respond to situations where they have to make immediate decisions to prevent a crime or to apprehend a suspect. Since INTP personality types do not do well with quick decisions, they may find that this career isn't a good fit for them.

Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

Public relations and fundraising managers are communications professionals who are involved in influencing how the public views their clients or raising funds for their employer. These professionals may have to participate in regular meetings, oversee other staff and may even need to talk to the media. INTP personality types are unlikely to thrive in this type of work because they won't be able to work independently and will need to work with a lot of other people regularly. A bachelor's or master's degree is required to work in this field.

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