IT Jobs that Require Certificates

Information Technology (IT) jobs that require certifications and may or may not require bachelor's degrees. Information on their median salary and predicted job growth is also included.

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Career Options in IT that Require Certification

The field of Information Technology (IT) is vast and growing quickly. Many of the jobs that are available in this industry require certifications either in place of or in addition to undergraduate coursework. Certifications can be obtained through specific hardware or software companies and allow you to clearly define your skill set.

Career Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014 - 2024)*
Network Administrators $79,7000 8%
Database Administrator $84,950 11%
Computer Support Specialist $52,160 12%
Security Analyst $92,600 18%
Web Developer $66,130 27%

*Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics'

Career Information on IT Jobs that Require Certificates

Network Administrator

Network and system administrators are needed in every field ranging from business to education. These experts are responsible for the daily operations of an organization's computer network and for physically maintaining their network systems. Some network and system administrator jobs require only a high-school diploma or equivalent and relevant certifications, but these jobs may pay slightly less than those that call for a bachelor's degree. Depending on the network system an organization uses, such as Microsoft or Cisco, network and system administrators will typically need to be certified to maintain the specific system of an organization.

Database Administrator

Database administrators possess knowledge of database and programming languages such as SQL to organize and maintain data. To become a database administrator, most people must earn certifications to prove their knowledge of a wide range of database software. Many companies looking for database administrators will prefer candidates with bachelor's degrees, but with relevant work experience and the right certifications corresponding to the company's database system, there are many positions available as well.

Computer Support Specialist

In IT, support specialists are there to coach individuals and organizations in setting up or using computer equipment. The role of support specialist can range from replacing damaged phone screens to advising corporations on their digital infrastructure. Because of this wide range of applications, many jobs are available that don't require bachelor's degrees; instead only looking for relevant certifications. Support specialists are needed in every industry and may hold a variety of certifications.

Security Analyst

In a world where cyberattacks are a growing concern for every company, information security analysts are becoming more and more in demand. They are tasked with protecting an organization's computer systems and networks. Most security analyst positions require a bachelor's degree in addition to certifications in security software and theory. Analysts seeking security oriented certification may obtain the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certificate or a more narrowly focused credential in penetration testing or systems auditing.

Web Developer

A web developer is a person who designs, creates, and maintains websites. Many web developers find employment through online certifications and developing a portfolio through hard work on their own. Success in this field does not require a bachelor's degree, though having one may increase base salary at some companies. Web developers need to possess a variety of skills and knowledge in programming languages such as HTML or JavaScript, which can be obtained through certification.

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